Jason Fischer, CITP|FIBP – Crude Oil Scheduler

For over 15 years, Jason Fischer has worked in high-level positions for some of the biggest companies in Canada, dealing with massive rail shipping networks and other forms of transportation.


Environmental groups are unhappy about TPP’s failure to address climate change

As environmental groups and analysts make headway with reading through and analyzing the agreement, some groups have come out resolutely against the agreement, arguing that tying these economies together more tightly will make it harder to pass more stringent environmental relations in the future and expressing concern about the TPP’s failure to address climate change.


Gordon Ham, CITP|FIBP – International Business Consultant

Gordon Ham is an international business consultant, currently a Partner in Infinitum Consulting, an international business consultancy firm that helps companies set up shop in new overseas markets, from market research to developing partnerships and staffing, as well as President and Founder of GH and Associates. He is currently based out of Cochrane, Alberta.