CITP Spotlight: Tulio Conejeros – President, TBST Global, Inc.

Tulio was inspired to pursue a career in international business after exploring Chile and other parts of South America on a personal journey. Today he helps connect Canadian businesses to opportunities worldwide. After 20 years of intense international work, the CITP designation has given Tulio a sense of validation and pride in his work.


CITP Spotlight: Calvin Xiao – Founder, Calatystx Co.

Calvin’s professional journey has been anything but linear. From working his way up in China and securing a job at the world-renowned agency Ogilvy, to immigrating to Canada and having to start back at the bottom, to then start his own consulting firm.


STEP 5 of Procurement Process: Implement the Sourcing Strategy

Sourcing strategies that involve acquisition or strategic partnerships are major undertakings. For a direct purchase, organizations may begin with an Expression of Interest (EOI), prepare an RFP or RFQ, and solicit bids from identified potential suppliers as part of a competitive bidding process.