Karla Cecilia Tripp, CITP|FIBP – Publisher

After working as a public servant and for one of the world’s most recognizable beverage brands, Cecilia has amassed over 16 years of logistics, sales, product development and marketing experience, and enjoys using it to excel in her current role as Publisher with Best Version Media.


Karolina Staszczak, CITP|FIBP – Office Manager

Karolina Staszczak, CITP|FIBP, is an Office Manager for SPLICE Software Incorporated with a passion for international business has already led her to explore several fascinating opportunities in Europe.


Joel Fernandez, CITP|FIBP – Executive Director

Joel Fernandez is the Executive Director of the Global Chamber in Miami, Florida, and the Vice Chairperson of the Environmental Impact Committee in his town, and an international trade entrepreneur with his own company, Intradeservice LLC.