Reflections After the 2015 B20 Summit: “Do Your Best for the Rest of Us”

It has been a unique privilege to be nominated as a delegate for Canada to the B20 Task Force on Financing Growth, and thereafter, to receive an invitation from the organizers to attend the final summit meeting, including a joint session with Heads of State for an even smaller group of participants.


It’s time for SMB’s to consider inorganic growth strategies to expand globally

From the tale of the tortoise and the hare, to the African proverb which counsels eating the elephant one bite at a time, we’re conditioned to tackle challenges with consistent and deliberate effort. That conditioning and mindset, though, has both positive and negative implications to companies’ global growth plans. For some SMB’s considering inorganic growth strategies is the only way forward.


Bill Macheras, CITP|FIBP – Trade Commissioner

Even after working in international trade for almost fifteen years, Bill’s enthusiasm for his work as a Trade Commissioner is equaled only by his networking skills with others in the industry, and his knowledge of the everyday problems that SME’s face when exporting their goods.