10 books for import-export professionals that you need to read


Books for import-export professionals

Books for import-export professionalsBooks can be incredibly powerful tools for gaining knowledge on a particular topic. When it comes to international trade, there are a number of books that can help you gain real insight and appreciation for this bustling industry. Here are some excellent books for people interested in import-export to help you broaden your understanding of global trade.

1. Understanding Global Trade by Elhanan Helpman

This book explains the importance of global trade for individuals, as well as the relationship between policy makers and the trade industry.

It covers the development of important economic theories and ideologies for world trade, all the way back to Adam Smith.

Furthermore, this book gives insight into the precise nature of global trade flows. As well as how markets develop trade and economic relationships.

In other words, this book is a solid source for you if you are trying to understand how global trade develops, persists, and impacts the lives of citizens all around the world.

2. The World that Trade Created by Kenneth Pomeranz

The benefit of this book is that it provides a deep historical context for international trade.

The World that Trade Created explains how international trade is extremely relevant in how the world is shaped and arranged geopolitically.

By reading this book, you can develop a much deeper understanding of the connection between social and political affairs and global trade.

This not only helps you understand the historical aspect of international trade, but how modern day trade is still closely related to cultural and social events.

3. Global Trade Policy: Questions and Answers by Pamela J. Smith

Global trade policies are vital for trade professionals to know and be well versed on. After all, it is often policy that can make or break massive deals and operations between nations.

So, having a solid working knowledge of important policies in international trade can give you an advantage in this field.

This book is structured so that a question is asked, and is then followed by a detailed answer that provides useful information about important policy issues.

Topics covered in the book include tariffs, regulations regarding the environment, labor, and property, subsidies, etc.

4. Rethinking International Trade by Paul Krugman

Rethinking International Trade challenges existing theories and concepts relating to international trade.

It goes deep into the roots of international trade, and how technology, history, and trade strategy all relate to and influence each other in the global trade industry.

This book can help you examine various schools of thought regarding trade, and learn about different ideas for optimal trade policies. Concepts such as specialization and protectionism are discussed.

5. International Trade and Port Logistics by I.C.J. Verhaart

If you’re seeking a career in international trade, it’s useful to understand how the logistics of this industry work. How do ports operate? How do payments work along supply chains? What other logistics do you need to know to move merchandise, etc? These important issues and more are discussed in this book.

It is great to have a theoretical knowledge of the industry, but trade professionals also need to know the nitty gritty logistics of shipping and trading imports and exports around the world. This book can help you learn these important trade secrets.

6. International Trade Law by Peter Stone

There are many laws that govern the world of international trade. Knowing them can help you navigate this business environment with skill and comfort.

This book covers issues such as the Rotterdam Rules, dispute resolution laws, cargo transportation laws, laws regarding credit, e-commerce and other payment mechanisms, etc.

When it comes to international trade law, it’s better to be prepared then to be surprised by a law. After all, accidentally breaking a law can be incredibly costly.

Reading this book can help you understand what to avoid, and how to stay within all the necessary legal parameters.

7. Building an Import/Export Business by Kenneth D. Weiss

Essentially, this book provides a guide for starting your own import/export business. So if you are at a point in your career where you are considering starting your own trade venture, this book might be just what you’re looking for.

Topics covered in the book include honing in on a market, researching an idea, launching the business, maintaining successful operation, and many others. Real life examples are provided to help demonstrate the concepts in the book.

8. Essentials of Supply Chain Management, Third Edition by Michael H. Hugos

Supply chain management is a critical component of almost every international trade business. After all, it’s how products are moved from one country to the next in order to be bought or sold. Without a successful supply chain, global trade companies would struggle to survive.

This book can help you learn important information about how to successfully manage a supply chain. It covers topics such as: exactly how supply chains work, important developments in supply chain technology, first hand accounts from supply chain executives, and more.

9. The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger by Marc Levinson

If you are an international trade professional, or plan on being one, then there is a good chance that your company will rely on shipping containers at some stage.

Shipping containers really were an incredible development, and this book shows you just how important they are for the industry.

This book shows how one simple idea can change a massive industry. It can also help you put this staggeringly vast shipping industry into perspective.

10. How Small Business Trades Worldwide: Your Guide to Starting or Expanding a Small Business International Trade Company Now by John Spiers

This book can be very helpful to you if you are planning to venture out on your own in the international trade world. It gives tips and tricks for achieving success in the industry.

It also provides encouraging facts about self-employed entrepreneurs to help keep you motivated to pursue your own business dreams.

Reading this book may help you to avoid making some common rookie mistakes if you are trying to start or expand a trade business.

It can also serve as a general reference to help you navigate the startup world in the global trade industry.

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