4 of the biggest challenges export managers face today

Technological, economic and political changes have created a new, increasingly integrated, rapidly changing and highly competitive international environment. Such conditions require diverse and adaptable skills from those who manage exports and imports at today’s firms.


The unbearable ban on a Northern trade

Polar bears, the symbol of Canada’s North, are at the centre of an ongoing dispute between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Association, Canadian federal and provincial governments, and several Inuit bands.


FACE OFF: Buy Local VS Buy Global

The “buy local” movement has been around in some form since international trade and globalization began. In Canada, a “Buy Canadian” movement began as early as 1914, when the First World War economy saw imported products as a threat for the first time.


Reflections After the 2015 B20 Summit: “Do Your Best for the Rest of Us”

It has been a unique privilege to be nominated as a delegate for Canada to the B20 Task Force on Financing Growth, and thereafter, to receive an invitation from the organizers to attend the final summit meeting, including a joint session with Heads of State for an even smaller group of participants.