What does the future of Agri-Trade hold?


TradeElite April Chat Recap Future of Agri-Trade

TradeElite April Chat Recap Future of Agri-Trade

At FITT we had a burning question: What does the future hold for the international trade in agriculture products?

We wanted to know, what are some of the key challenges, opportunities and trends that we will see in the industry? And how would those issues affect those involved from the farmers to the labourers, exporters, and ultimately the consumers?

We decided to put this question out to the experts and the public the best way we know how, through our monthly #TradeElite Twitter chat. It was pretty ambitious to tackle a subject this big in a one hour discussion, 140 characters at a time, but with the help of a wise, quick-thinking panel of experts and a brave, skilled moderator we got to the heart of the matter.

The conversation on the future of agri-trade took place on April 14, 2016. Check out some highlights from the chat below.

Moderator: Craig Atkinson, CITP|FIBP (@CraigAAtkinson) Director, International Trade and Development Consulting with Lexmerca International Trade, formerly with the ITC, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia


Clarecia Christie, CITP|FIBP (@ClareciaChriste) Project Manager and Team Lead, Trade Information Services at Trade Facilitation Office of Canada, based out of Ottawa, Ontario.

Miguel Garcia-Winder (@MGWMex) IICA Representatative to the USA and Head of the Center for Strategic Analysis for Agriculture at IICA, based out of Washington, D.C.

Juan Navarro (@JSNavarroe) Principal at CMX Partnerships and ArribaMexicoFoods, founding President of the Mexi-Can Forum, based out of Victoria, British Columbia.

Andrew Braun (@BraunBraun) Trade Officer, Agri-Value at Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP), based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

What are some of trends we can expect in agri-trade?

What impact will multi-regional trade agreements (TPP, CETA, etc) have on agricultural trade?

Are there any innovations/technology that are simplifying agri-food trade?

What are some of the challenges to accessing financing for agri-food exporters?

How can the globally important role of women in agriculture receive better recognition?

Anything else you’d like to add?

Read the rest of the chat and follow future discussions by following the #TradeElite hashtag.

Stay tuned for the next #TradeElite chat, coming up Thursday, May 5 at 2:30-3:30PM EDT.

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