The art of international business travel according to a travel-a-holic

The journey, for me, is a major part of the experience of international business, and of any form of business travel: it is about much more than efficient and predictable displacement from “Point A” to “Point B”, and it provides countless opportunities for the exercise of civility, personal discipline and enrichment.


Morteza Azari, CITP|FIBP – Admissions Counselor

After over a decade of high-level international trade experience in Iran, Morteza hopes that his new designation will help him to best make use of his extensive expertise in the Canadian market as well. He currently serves as an Admissions Counselor at Stanford College of Business and Technology in Toronto.


Here’s Why You Need to Recharge Your Go Global Strategy

Maybe the all too familiar refrain of last year’s uncertainty has dampened our competitive spirit as Canada realigns its economic identity.
However, there are strong reasons to remain genuinely optimistic about the major prospects of Canadian SMEs on the global stage in 2015.