How innovation in traceability is creating accountability in retail supply chain

Looking back on a crucial career decision of my own, some ten years ago, to shift from a purely commercial focus on supply chains towards what was then the new horizon of sustainability, I can say with confidence that conceptually, ‘responsible supply chain operations’ have made it into mainstream thinking.


3 ways the expansion of the Panama Canal will affect global trade

Since 2007, the expansion of the Panama Canal has been underway, which will dramatically increase the size of the canal, and therefore the size of the vessels that can pass through it. Soon, ships able to hold as many as 13,000 containers will be able to pass through the Canal. This will have three important effects on world trade:


How linguistic abilities and training in practical skills leads to international business success

Sonia Mancuso Root, CITP®|FIBP®, is Vice President of Business Development at Agrisource Food Products Inc., a world-class broker and distributor, where she helps companies manage their offshore arrangements and keep their supply chains running smoothly.
She has over twenty-five years of experience in international business and has been a CITP®|FIBP® since 2009. She credits the practical skills gained through her education and her linguistic abilities with her success in the industry.