FACE OFF: Buy Local VS Buy Global

The “buy local” movement has been around in some form since international trade and globalization began. In Canada, a “Buy Canadian” movement began as early as 1914, when the First World War economy saw imported products as a threat for the first time.


Report predicts major boom in U.S. trade from growing Asian economies

The United States stands to benefit in trade from the growth of Asian economies such as Vietnam and Korea, British bank HSBC said in a report in late May. U.S. trade is expected to benefit strongly from an uptick in growth in China, Vietnam, India, and other countries in Asia.


Katerina Platova, CITP|FIBP, Import/Export Specialist

Katerina is a Senior Capacity Buyer for C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc., where she helps businesses of all sizes make their supply chain and logistics smarter and more efficient.
As an import/export specialist Katerina has been involved in the global trade industry for over 13 years, with experience in international sales and communications, logistics and supply chain management.