Six steps to finding out if you’re ready for international trade

But even if you have a product or service that seems to have international appeal, your company may not actually be ready for international trade. Doing business overseas is much more complicated than staying at home, and any successful exporter will tell you that they looked very carefully at their company before they decided to go abroad.


The basics of global trade transactions for your imports and exports

A company that has decided to export its products to a new market or to buy from a new supplier in a different country cannot take for granted that the potential transaction(s) will be viable, profitable or provide goods at a price and quality that are competitive. From a financial point of view, a transaction may prove unrealistic if the cost of entering a market is too high, the competition is gruelling, or the price the company needs to charge in the new market is not competitive.


The story of how it all began for us, the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

Like many before him—and some after as well—Dieter Hollweck learned how to do international trade from the ground up; through the school of hard knocks.

“Learning that way is very expensive, and can sometimes be deadly for your business,” says Dieter, the Forum for International Trade Training’s (FITT) founding father. “But everybody had an international trade horror story back then!”


How to get hired for a career in international trade

Are you looking for a career in international trade? It is not all about searching, it is also about researching and showing potential employers that you are serious and that you make contact with them having already done your research.