U.S. hones in on developing trade with Africa

The Obama administration in the U.S. is intent on developing trade with Africa, as evidenced by a recent trip partly funded by the U.S.-sponsored International Trade Association to the continent in mid-September.


How much will China’s slowing economy impact U.S. exports?

hinese growth has been slowing down for some time, and with that, demand for U.S. exports to the country. In August alone, both imports and exports fell sharply in the month of August. Chinese exports dropped 6.1%, while imports dropped by 14.3%.


Secret TPP negotiations irk many, but is secrecy necessary to securing an agreement?

Though coverage of the top-level talks has been dominating the headlines, the actual meat of the negotiations remain shrouded in secrecy, only hinting at the issues that may be holding countries back from signing the deal (though Wikileaks has also leaked drafted sections of the deal). These secret TPP negotiations are starting to irk some of those involved.


Optimistic about US – Cuba Trade? Not so fast!

When President Obama announced in April that the U.S. State Department would finally be taking Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, it set in motion a sense of optimism that diplomatic relations and trade would soon go back to normal with the Caribbean island country. However, US – Cuba trade is off to a slow start.


Report predicts major boom in U.S. trade from growing Asian economies

The United States stands to benefit in trade from the growth of Asian economies such as Vietnam and Korea, British bank HSBC said in a report in late May. U.S. trade is expected to benefit strongly from an uptick in growth in China, Vietnam, India, and other countries in Asia.