Master your inner chameleon and excel in exports

Today, the secret to excel in exports is to learn how to interact and be accepted by people who are not like us, who speak a different language, who think, act, feel and react differently to what we are used to. To do so, we need to learn from chameleons—a type of lizard that is distinguished by its ability to change skin color to match its surroundings.


International business professionals pay it forward

A newspaper article reporting on a recent BDC study about the benefits of Advisory Boards for entrepreneurs made me think of a CITP colleague who teaches FITT courses. Over time he has become an informal advisor to some of his students who are planning to get started in the international field.


Can international business in Quebec survive a separation from Canada?

Canada is going through the specter of another separation threat from Quebec. What does this mean from an international point of view? Will other countries be willing, or even interested in doing business with Quebec? Will it maintain the credibility that it currently has as part of one of the few countries in the world that are universally admired? Will the world just shrug off a separation from Canada and move on?


What’s Canada’s game plan for CETA?

At the same time, my Canadian paranoia is making me wonder how Canada managed to convince the European Union to join us in a Canada Europe Trade Agreement.