Silvia Baptista, FITT Vice-President, earns I.C.E. Certificate as a Credentialing Specialist ahead of FITT’s ISO 17024 accreditation


There is a proverb that states: If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. When it comes to FITT’s “herculean task” of attaining ISO 17024 accreditation, this saying couldn’t be more fitting.

The process, as noted in earlier TradeReady blogs, is meticulous and labour intensive, involving countless hours of third-party reviews, in-depth gap analysis, competency development, program governance, and focus groups. Additionally, it requires exceptional commitment and dedication to the process by FITT team members. Case in point, last week, Silvia Baptista, FITT Vice-President, earned her Certificate as a Credentialing Specialist from the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (I.C.E.).

The certificate ensures that those who earn it can do the following, according to their website:

  • Identify the tasks required of a certification professional and the skills and knowledge needed to practice
  • Provide a clear career pathway for individuals who are developing, implementing, and maintaining quality certification programs
  • Recognize those who have attained the requisite skills and knowledge

For Silvia, it also signifies something more: “Similar to what our stakeholders go through, completing the program and earning recognition as a Credentialing Specialist proves that I’ve attained the required skills and knowledge to develop and maintain a quality certification program, specifically, our CITP program,” she says. She notes that it also “provides FITT stakeholders, particularly CITPs and aspiring CITPs, with added confidence that FITT as a certification body has the necessary knowledge and expertise to operate a consistent, defensible and reliable professional certification program—getting us one step closer to achieving ISO 17024 accreditation.”

Caroline Tompkins, FITT President, CEO, and CITP agrees, stating: “Completing this assessment-based certificate program and earning the specialist title provides Silvia with 3rd party validation that she has the skills and knowledge needed when developing and maintaining a quality certification program such as the CITP designation.”

Beyond the certification, Silvia’s achievement also highlights her dedication to FITT, which has been unwavering and steadfast for over the past 17 years. As one of FITT’s leaders, she has worked tirelessly to guarantee that FITT sets the benchmark for international trade as a profession and body of knowledge, applying this mission to her own professional growth as well. More simply put, she embodies the principles that she sets forth for FITT, and this is something to be truly proud of.

As we celebrate her achievement, we also honor the mission and growth of FITT as a leader in its field that is creating leaders in the field. This is a job worth doing, and it’s worth doing well.

You may find the announcement of Silvia’s credential on the I.C.E. website here.

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