From public to private sector, Europe to Africa and beyond – here are the 2023 FITT credential achievers


From public to private sector, Europe to Africa and beyond – here are the 2023 FITT credential achievers

As we bid farewell to the challenges that defined 2023 – a year marked by political instability, supply chain disruptions, massive layoffs, and economic uncertainties – the need for a robust skill set and a professional community has never been more critical.

In today’s dynamic job market, the hiring landscape is rapidly evolving. Employers are shifting focus from traditional qualifications to prioritizing practical expertise and tangible skills. This move towards skills-based hiring is transforming the job market, creating both new prospects and challenges for professionals looking to progress in global trade. 

Keeping pace with these changes, FITT sees continued value in offering practical training and credentials to address the current challenges in global business and reflect professionals’ earned skills and knowledge. 

In this brief recap, we invite you to celebrate the achievements of the FITT learning community in 2023 – a testament to resilience, dedication, and the transformative impact of education. 

It’s inspiring to observe the vast number of individuals from varied sectors, job positions, and organizations who have dedicated themselves to enhancing their skill sets and achieving their professional objectives by obtaining FITT credentials in 2023. 

FITT Certificate earners: Nurturing the next generation of trade experts

The FITT Certificate in International Trade is presented to individuals who’ve successfully completed any 3 FITTskills courses, or the equivalency thereof. In 2023, 263 new FITT Certificate holders emerged, showcasing the program’s continued relevance and impact. Notable organizations such as Global Affairs Canada, MUJI, Invest Alberta Corporation, Sumol+Compal Marcas SA, Block 4 Oilfield, LLC, North Atlantic, Export Québec, La Molienda and World Intec Co are now home to professionals equipped with FITT Certificates. 

Geographically, the FITT Certificate holders are making their mark in Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe. The job roles, including Trade Commissioner, International Trade Advisor, CEO, and Export Consultant, reflect the diverse career paths of those who started the training to get the FITT Certificate.

Value of FITTskills Courses: 89% of respondents find FITTskills courses valuable. – 2023 FITT Customer Satisfaction Report

FITT Diploma holders: A growing force in global business

The FITT Diploma in International Trade holders are on the rise, with 487 graduates joining the league in 2023.

87% of respondents find FITTskills courses relevant to their jobs and responsibilities. – 2023 FITT Customer Satisfaction Report

The number of FITT Diploma holders not only eclipses the previous year’s count but also emphasizes the increasing importance placed on trusted international trade credentials. This year’s FITT Diploma earners span diverse sectors, including agriculture, food, manufacturing, finance, logistics, and technology.

The extensive list of companies these diploma holders are now associated with includes enterprises like RBC Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank Group, Epiroc, SGS Canada Inc., Haya Solutions Inc., Coca-Cola Bottling, and Tjx Canada. From government agencies to private enterprises, the FITT 2023 Diploma holders are weaving a rich tapestry across the international trade spectrum. 

Their reach extends globally, with professionals working with business divisions located in Europe, Latin and North America, Asia, and East Africa.  

Among the Diploma holders, the job roles include Export Sales Manager, Business Development Officer, Commercial Officer, Project Manager, Import & Export Analyst, Supply Chain Specialist and more. 

fitt-testimonialHaving gained expertise in the 6 key  knowledge areas that make up the FITTskills program, the FITT Diploma holders have achieved one of the main requirements to apply for the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation 

CITPs: A community of validated trade leaders represented world wide

The Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation stands as a beacon of excellence in global trade. With CITPs present in 47 countries, the community represents a network of certified international trade practitioners, contributing to various sectors and industries. 

The list includes a wide range of job positions, spanning from Trade Commissioners, Managers, Directors, and Presidents, to various specialized roles in logistics, finance, law, marketing, supply chain management, and education.  

The company list exhibits a diverse array of industries, ranging from government and trade organizations, such as Global Affairs Canada and Export Development Canada, to educational institutions like the University of Calgary and Niagara College. It also includes technology giants like IBM and Google, manufacturing and aerospace companies such as Airbus Helicopters and Teck Resources, as well as consulting firms like Deloitte. The presence of financial institutions, retailers, healthcare, logistics, and mining companies underscores the broad spectrum of sectors involved in international trade and business development. 

From professionals who specialize in logistics, law, finance, and education, CITPs are leading the charge in shaping the future of international trade and business development. 


FITT continues the mission of advancing the international trade profession. The growing numbers of FITT Diploma and Certificate Holders, coupled with the global presence of CITPs, paint a picture of a community that is not only expanding, but also influencing the trajectory of global commerce.

As we reflect on the accomplishments of FITT’s learning community in 2023, we anticipate an even more impactful journey ahead, shaping the future leaders of international trade. Whether you’re a government official, a private sector professional, an aspiring entrepreneur or a leader looking for training to upskill your team, you can be inspired by the 2023 FITT credential achievers and begin your own journey through skills development and professional certification.

More than ever, validated skills are the gateway to success in the complex world of international trade. 

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Author: Anna Harakh

Marketing Coordinator at Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)

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