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Urvish Patel CITP

Urvish Patel CITP

Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: May 2020

While Urvish Patel was a student, encourageby his parents, he would read newspaper articles on business and economicsHe soon understood the importance of international trade for the growth and development of the global economyWhen the “Liberalization and Globalization” policy opened up the Indian economy in 1991Urvish had already decided on his dream careerSpurred by an eagerness to  learn from and interact with people from different cultures, he went on to pursue a BBA in exports to gain a basic understanding of international business. 

In order to fine-tune his skills and better prepare himself to face future challenges as global citizenUrvish continued with his education and earned an MBA in international business. While studying for the MBA, he got an opportunity to intern with a multinational engineering company where he gained hands on experience in various aspects of international business including cost estimation, project management and customer service 

Developing unexplored arenas into long-term profitable markets

After earning his MBA degree, while working as an International Business Executive with Sumip Composites, Urvish was tasked with securing new business opportunities for glass fiber cable traysHe decided to explore the then untapped markets in Bangladesh, UAE, Kuwait, Thailand and Oman, despite knowing how challenging it was going to be as it would entail starting from scratch. 

It required lots of patience, persistence and tactics including continuous communication, meetings with end clients, engineering consultants, EPC companies, sub- contractors, and suppliers/agents/distributors to understand local market dynamics and generate new business through projects.

Coordinating with the different stakeholders from diverse countries and speaking an array of languages to successfully work together towards a common goal is an experience that Urvish relishes. He is sure that the lessons on sales, project management and strategic collaboration that he learnt while working on developing these markets would stand him in excellent stead for his future roles.  

Winning the bid for an important Oil & Gas Project in the UAE

When the bid by Urvish’s company was shortlisted for one of UAE’s leading Oil & Gas Projectsthey were in competition with a European manufacturer who had already installed an industrial complex there. Urvish knew that they would have to work with exceptional tact and strategy if they wanted to have any realistic chance of winning the bid. He teamed up with the management and the representative company to come up with an initial proposal which was reviewed and accepted by the client. After another round of revisions and discussions, Urvish received the news that their company had been awarded the contract. This proved to be a phenomenal achievement for him as it opened doors for his company to other projects from the same client. 

This achievement has been much appreciated by management and considered a success story.


In an ever-changing world, there is always room for improvement

Urvish believes that we are all part of a huge eco-system and need a collaborative approach to grow in a highly innovative and changing world. A valuable piece of advice he would like to pass on to those embarking on their career journey is:

If you have the passion and want to be an expert, keep working on improving yourself.

His guiding mantra comes from the ancient Indian school of thought that highlights the importance of continuing to seek knowledge to better equip oneself to combat all odds and facilitate the welfare of society at large. 

A one-of-a-kind designation that validates business expertise at a global level

After migrating to Canada in 2018, while networking with professionals to understand more about the local culture and opportunities, his attention was drawn to the CITP designation Urvish did some more research on the credential by visiting the FITT website and was convinced that it would offer him much-needed validation of his expertise in international business. Although he already has a Masters degree in the same subject, along with several years of relevant experiencehe went ahead with applying for the CITP designation as it would be proof of his capabilities on a global level.  

It’s a great honor and pleasure to have earned the CITP designation. It gives me an identity and place in the international business fraternity.

SoonUrvish plans to offer consulting services in international business development and he believes this prestigious designation will help build the credibility he needs to succeed. It will enable him to confidently connect with subject matter experts and business professionals in North America and across the globe.  

As a new immigrant, Urvish is steadily gathering valuable experience and progressing in his career. Armed with an elite, internationally recognized designationguided by an ancient wisdom and fuelled by sheer talent, we can’t wait to watch what he accomplishes next. 

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