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As we come to the end of the year, we wanted to learn more about what interested you the most throughout 2018. Some of the most engaging global trade topics ranged from quickly evolving international trade technology, protecting your business from potential risks in international markets, to ethics and corporate social responsibility.

Whatever interests you most, we hope this gives you a chance to catch up on some of the most popular articles you may have missed, or re-read some favourites as we head into 2019.

10. 3 types of green technology that will change the future of international trade

Piece of big city being pulled up to reveal greenery underneath

As global warming and climate change continue to serve as threats to humanity, increasing numbers of people want to see green technology used more heavily in global trade. Those involved in an industry that could soon be radically changed by developments of green technology should know about the latest developments and how they will affect your business.

Here are some of the most exciting ways that green technology could change the future of international trade.

9. Global trade outlook 2018: What are the biggest trends, technologies, opportunities and challenges?

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We wanted to hear from the experts on what trends, technology, opportunities and challenges they had their eyes on. In this month’s #TradeElite Twitter chat, we gave our knowledgeable panel the chance to provide some of their best tools and tips for SMEs going into what is sure to be another big year for international business.

8. 4 ways to protect your intellectual property in foreign markets

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It is critical for organizations to recognize IP as a valuable corporate asset and to mitigate potential risks associated with IP infringement in order to ensure business viability within both the domestic and international target markets.

7. Top 10 websites you can use to find your dream international trade job

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International business-related jobs pay an average of 13-18% more than domestic-focused positions. And with more trade happening than ever before in history, there are new opportunities opening up all the time. So, where do you find these lucrative jobs?  Here is a look at 10 of the best online sources trade professionals can use to find their next job.

6. 7 examples of how product liability laws change from country to country

product liability laws

As with other aspects of both public and private international law, there is a need to govern or harmonize disparate national laws and proceedings more uniformly with respect to product liability. This includes evidentiary standards, uniform reward of damages and punitive actions.

Many governments have passed legislation to limit the occurrence of product liability. The following examples provide a brief description of some the legislative measures implemented by various governments around the world.

5. Top 5 North American conferences you don’t want to miss if you are in freight forwarding or logistics

Freight forwarding and logistics conferences

The logistics, freight forwarding and transportation industry has some incredible conferences which help to educate, inspire, and connect people involved in the field. These conferences are a great way for industry members to network and develop key knowledge for success.

Here are some of the top conferences in North America for freight forwarders and logistics.

4. How Bitcoin could shake up international trade

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After years of skepticism about their security, value, and staying power, it seems that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are ready to take on the world markets. There’s serious speculation that central banks will begin to hold cryptocurrencies in 2018. Investment firms such as Goldman Sachs have released information to clients about investing in Bitcoin, and CBOE Holdings has begun to sell Bitcoin futures.

This means the time has come for those in international business to look at how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will affect global finance.

3. 4 ways to identify and mitigate the political risks of global business

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As human beings have developed self-defence mechanisms that help them make safe choices, businesses must also protect themselves during expected (and not so expected) times of political challenges. To ensure successful operation overseas, business managers should take time to understand potential and plan for risks.

2. 4 companies who succeed by focusing on ethical sourcing and manufacturing

ethical sourcing and manufacturing

In recent years there have been some major success stories of companies that have gone out of their way to make their sourcing and manufacturing both ethical and responsible. These companies not only boosted the reputation of their brands, but also ensured that workers on their supply chains were being treated well.

Here is a look four companies who earned outstanding reputations and found international success by going the extra mile to achieve ethical sourcing and manufacturing.

1. 10 global trade trends we’ll be watching in 2018

woman looking at globe in her hand

What should you look out for or expect in the international business world in 2018? Let’s take a look and see what could be dominating the headlines you read over the next twelve months.

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