How you can find the right partners for market entry success

As we do every month, we took to Twitter for a live chat and brought together a panel of market entry experts from across Canada and the world. We asked the experts all about finding the right partners, from researching the best prospects to negotiating the contract. Check out the chat recap here.


Does your business have a reverse logistics plan?

The same capabilities used in the forward supply chain can’t be leveraged in reverse logistics…reverse logistics requires different processes, technology, capabilities, and expertise. It’s more of a network model.


Quick read: 4 steps to successful growth hacking

The goal of growth hacking is to increase sales by developing, testing and iterating product versions while at the same time merging marketing into the product or service development process.


5 stories to inspire women in international business

In honour of International Women’s Day, here are five inspiring stories to highlight some of the remarkable women in international business who tackle these challenges head on and have shared their wisdom and experiences with us.