U.S. hones in on developing trade with Africa

The Obama administration in the U.S. is intent on developing trade with Africa, as evidenced by a recent trip partly funded by the U.S.-sponsored International Trade Association to the continent in mid-September.


Why Canadians should consider doing business in Hong Kong

In 2014, bilateral trade between Hong Kong and Canada was valued at US$4.6 billion, with exports reaching US$2.9 billion and imports worth US$1.68 billion last year. It turns out a lot of Canadians are doing business in Hong Kong.


How ‘chicken’ is stalling the South Africa-U.S. trade agreement

South Africa’s inclusion in the U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) trade agreement is less than certain after a protracted battle between South African and American poultry associations over South Africa’s imposition of duties on U.S. chicken. The squabble over chicken has led some U.S. lawmakers to suggest that South Africa be placed on a three-year probationary period, with reviews every six months, once the AGOA is renewed for a 10-year term.