The 4 biggest risks you face when outsourcing

When it comes to doing business in international markets, there are so many variables to plan for. In some circumstances, it might make sense for a company to manufacture a product from sourced raw materials or components. In others, companies might find it more profitable to pay another company to perform the manufacturing process and then sell the finished product.


The 5 essential stages in developing a successful supply chain

Supply chain management encompasses such a wide range of functions that it can seem daunting, even to the most experienced international businessperson. However, the process can be effectively modelled by breaking it down into several main strategic areas.


Why you need to switch to a customer centric supply chain to stay competitive

In today’s demand driven omnichannel environment, there are many instances in which customer expectations are not satisfied. In large part, this occurs because companies’ supply chains are not designed to meet the new requirements of omnichannel distribution. A supply chain needs to be able to respond to customers’ demands by becoming “customer centric”.


One time “Fringe” NGO’s have become a vital part of the global business environment

Historically in an adversarial relationship with other major players in the global business environment, the NGOs, which form part of what is collectively referred to as “civil society”, have garnered significant political currency as the issues they champion become higher profile and priority across the globe. NGOs have gone from “fringe” to mainstream in the international trade and global business environment.


Illia Dumbadze, CITP|FIBP – Logistics Supervisor

A dedicated logistics supervisor with a passion for supply chain management and international trade, Illia has developed a wealth of experience in major international corporations around the world. He has worked in many countries in North America, the UK, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) over the course of his seven year career in global trade.