The one thing that will guarantee you get paid in international business deals

Conducting proper due diligence is always a good first layer of protection against some of those risks, but is often not enough on its own to guarantee you’ll get paid in international business deals. International businesses need to focus on mitigating some of the more prevalent risks inherent in conducting business abroad.


5 ways due diligence can prevent fraud in your international contracts

All parties in all commercial transactions should be aware of the potential for fraud. In some cases those parties you negotiate with may not even be aware of the liability they pose. Being vigilant by doing your due diligence is the only real way to prevent fraud in your international contracts.


13 ways Canadian SME’s can improve on their dismal export rates

For all the talk about Canada being a trading nation, we aren’t when it comes to small and medium sized enterprises. While SME’s account for roughly 95 percent of all companies in Canada, and create 65 percent of all jobs, Canadian SME export rates are at less than 2 percent.


Ann Archer, CITP|FIBP – International Logistics Specialist

Ann Archer, CITP|FIBP, is an International Logistics Specialist for General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GLDS-C), a company based out of London, ON which manufactures light armoured vehicles (LAVs) and provides full fleet life cycle support including upgrades, repair services and training.


Kevin Duncan, CITP|FIBP, Senior Buyer Technical Procurement

Kevin Duncan, CITP|FIBP, is a Senior Buyer Technical Procurement at NOVA Chemicals, where he ensures compliance with all customs, and manages an important supply portfolio, providing competitive pricing while maintaining strong supplier relationships.


Top three potential barriers to foreign market entry

Companies entering new markets might face problems or increased costs because of the business environment and the way in which companies operate. For example, marketing services might be prohibitively expensive. The banking system might be undeveloped, and certain payment mechanisms may be unavailable. Letters of credit might be unreliable or difficult to obtain.