How to get or build a career in global trade


Business people work around a conference table - get a career in global trade

Business people work around a conference table - get a career in global trade

International business-related jobs pay an average of 13-18% more than domestic-focused positions. And with more global trade happening than ever before, there are new opportunities of many kinds. So, how do you get a job or build a career in global trade?

Where do you start? Who can you ask for help? We decided to ask some global business experts to give their advice and take your questions in this month’s live #TradeElite Twitter chat, How to Get or Build a Career in Global Trade. The result? Lots of useful advice and interesting insights. Highlights of the chat are below, and you can scroll through the #TradeElite hashtag to follow the entire chat.

Moderator: Nicole Chevrier, Content Marketing Specialist with FITT (@FITTNews)

The Panelists:
Marcela Mandeville, CITP, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE), based in Alberta (@MsBrightIdea)

Audrey Ross, International Business expert, Orchard Custom Beauty, based in Toronto, ON (@tresAudrey)

Simon Slyper, CITP, International Trade Compliance expert, based in New York, NY (@SimonTradeBuzz)

Emiliano Introcaso, CITP, Export Help Advisor, Export Development Canada, based in Toronto, ON (@introcaso)

Floyd Simpkins, CITP, International Business Professor (@FloydSimpkins)

Pernille Fischer Boulter, CITP, President and CEO, Kisserup International Trade Roots (@PFB6)

Q1 What’s your advice for getting a good job in global trade?

A1 In my experience you “good job” usually starts off on the periphery of where you actually want to go. In other words, be prepared to start off in a less than perfect job and work your way into the job you want, by gaining experience gradually. – 

Another point about networking  …. join a local Chamber of Commerce. They are always looking for good people to volunteer on committees. Show them your “stuff” and opportunities will arise. – 

Q2 Where should I look? What are the industries that are growing the most right now?

A2 The logistics industry and any company that has an international supply chain are good places to look. Many of my students have started careers in trucking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding – all of which require international knowledge. – 

A2 Don’t ignore the big banks – TD, BMO, Scotia etc. They all have international operations and they provide very good training.  – 

Q3 How do I know if I have the skills to get the job I want? If not, what can I do?

Q4 I want to work overseas – what’s the best way to find jobs abroad?

A4 The United Nations is actively seeking young people for internships. The UN has a career page and you can fill out your credentials and experience on-line. Follow the UN on Twitter and you will also see announcements about jobs. – 

A4 Again, government offices, banks, consulting firms operating in other countries sometimes hire “locally engaged” staff at their international operations. You have to be in the right place at the right time. It is a form of networking. – 

Q5 What are your secrets of success?

A5 Yes goals are very important. They bring focus to the effort and allow you to gauge how you are advancing toward what you want to achieve. – 

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Author: Nicole Chevrier

I am a digital media writer and a Content Marketing Specialist with the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). My background is in digital marketing and communications. Creating content that inspires, informs or delivers on results is my passion.

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