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Career success with FITTskills training

Career success with FITTskills training

For over 20 years, FITTskills courses have been the leading practical training for import-export professionals who want to improve their skills and take the next steps in their careers.

The eight courses that make up the FITTskills International Business program have been offered in-class since 1993, and online since 1999. In that time, over 5,100 professionals have earned the FITT Certificate in International Trade by successfully completing four of the FITTskills courses, and over 3,400 have also earned the FITT Diploma in International Trade by completing all eight courses.

The FITTskills courses are also endorsed by both the Canadian government and the World Trade Centers Association, in over 300 locations across 89 countries.

Most importantly, FITTskills training has been endorsed by your fellow professionals who have completed the courses and witnessed the impact they’ve had on their careers.

Here’s what a few global trade experts had to say about their experiences before and after taking FITTskills courses:

Abdel Azzouzi Manager of Trade FinanceAbdel Azzouzi, CITP|FIBP:

“The courses were very good because I could take them during the night, and then apply what I had learned the very next day at my job, as I looked for new markets and new businesses to work with. The courses were a big help in every aspect of my job at the time. Taking them helped me build my expertise, skills and credibility.

The FITTskills International Business program is the best one if you want to get the whole picture of international trade. No aspect is missing.

I later had an interview with the National Bank of Canada for a Manager of International Trade position. My problem was that I didn’t have any banking experience, and banks rarely hire people who don’t. During the interview, I drew a lot from the FITTskills courses and it made a real impression on the interviewer. I got the job, and since I didn’t have that experience, I think that the FITTskills courses made all the difference.”

Carolina Vasquez Export CoordinatorCarolina Vasquez, CITP|FIBP:

“The program is so comprehensive, and courses like International Trade Research, International Trade Management and Global Supply Chain Management have been key tools in my career.

Consider that I was a recent graduate coming from overseas without Canadian experience.  I got a job as Export Coordinator on a full time and permanent position only three months later in a prestigious company in the office furniture manufacturing industry. Yes, I would say the FITTskills program has positively impacted my career.


Brendan McManus MBA CandidateBrendan McManus, CITP|FIBP:

The provision of video-recorded courses and e-books complemented my learning preferences, and provided additional flexibility for my travel schedule. The ability to complete the courses at my own pace, within a three month time frame, helped me balance work priorities with course deadlines.

The courses provided refreshers to concepts I learnt at university, and inspired new ideas for processes I use regularly at work.

Lessons from the FITTskills courses have practical application in evaluating businesses’ structures and companies aspiring to become international. The skills can be applied daily, and I believe these skills will help me grow my capacity to support international organizations and clients.

Lesley-VairLesley Vair, CITP|FIBP:

The FITTskills curriculum was both engaging and highly relevant to my sales role. I benefitted the most from the International Trade Finance course, which gave me valuable insights to use when discussing payment options and risk mitigation strategies with exporters and importers. The program also gave me the opportunity to learn about the evolution of trade finance products and new innovative offerings, such as supply chain finance.

The product and industry knowledge I obtained through the FITTskills International Business program paid off immensely in my sales role, and helped me to both build relationships with existing clients and develop relationships with new clients.

Ahmad Altuijri CITP®|FIBP® International Trade ProfessionalAhmad Altuijri, CITP|FIBP:

The skills I have acquired from the Forum for International Trade Training have greatly shaped who I am today. The FITTskills program has provided me with ‘how-to-do-it’ skills.

Because of the skills I have acquired from FITT, I have been able to utilize a more practical approach in business and have ended up with a set of great results.

Without a doubt, it cannot be overlooked how important FITTskills courses are in becoming successful in the global arena.

Claude Gendron Deputy Director of the Aerospace TeamClaude Gendron, CITP|FIBP:

I found the FITTskills training to be perfectly designed for my work at Global Affairs Canada. This training provides an excellent understanding of the role and responsibilities of an international trade expert.

The training offered by FITT is well-tailored to the needs of the global trade industry. I encourage all my colleagues, as well as International Trade Practitioners and Business Development officers in the private sector, to take this training. It really makes a difference.

Louei AliLouei Ali, CITP|FIBP: 

Every aspect of international trade is covered in great detail and with practical elements that you can start to implement immediately. The knowledge is very specific and practical, and in many ways reinforced a lot of the knowledge gained from my MBA.

As I engaged in communications with other folks in the international trade field, I realized that I have learned a lot and I can easily help companies take the right steps towards international trade.

The textbooks are excellent references that I open and review as I come across situations in my daily duties. They offer great resources to tap into.  Most recently I reviewed the International Market Entry Strategies course content as I was working on pricing a new product in a foreign market.

The FITTskills program’s online delivery enabled me to work at my own pace, and I could listen to the lectures as soon as the kids went to bed. In fact, all my exams were done between 3am and 6am to ensure that I had quiet time to fully concentrate on taking the exam.

FITT’s core purpose is to build competence to succeed in global markets, and the FITTskills courses are a crucial part in doing that.

Ready to start taking FITTskills online courses to take the next step in your career or work towards the job you’ve always wanted? Take a look at our individual courses, or check out the bundle pricing options if you’re planning to take multiple courses to save on your courses!

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