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Global Trade Community Online

Global Trade Community Online

Back in 2013 when I joined FITT, we had a social media community of about 3,000 users. Little more than a year later, that community of global trade experts is now at 11,000…and growing fast.

How did we do it? Or to put it more accurately, how did you, the members of our community, make this happen?

Well, with people as passionate about international trade as all of you, it was only a matter of time. Your generous support for our community shines through on all of FITT’s social feeds and digital outposts.

Your amazing words of wisdom on global trade topics are a mainstay on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Global Trade Tips

Showcasing a goldmine of international trade expertise

Here at FITT, we just love showcasing the knowledge and experience of our community of global trade experts. We built the TradeReady.ca publication so we could start leveraging the opportunity to present this goldmine of international business experiences and stories from our community of trade experts.

This publication started with two paid writers and now has over 30 authors who voluntarily contribute their time, tips and ideas to help the global trade community.

As you can imagine, the thought-leadership demonstrated by our expert authors has attracted readers from all around the world, increasing the overall reach of our network. We hope that even more of you take advantage of this opportunity to connect with and reach out to our rapidly growing community of global trade professionals.

Your insightful posts on our LinkedIn groups (FITT, CITP), Facebook page and Twitter stream bear testimony to the  valuable support and expertise you already provide to your peers in international trade!

A global trade community of early adopters of technology

You’ve also played a huge role in helping us roll out our own global trade application—TradeEliteClub.com. As you continue to discuss relevant international trade topics and grow your ranking on this app, all of us here at FITT are committed to providing you with even more tools and resources that will empower your success as the elite of global trade.

You’ll soon be able to access the iOS and Android versions of the app. We envision you using it to access the database we develop from the pioneering International Trade Competency Standards project.

Coming together to lead global trade standards

FITT on Times Square

Your participation in the International Trade Competency Standards has helped get FITT on Times Square!

Of course, that isn’t all. In focus groups around the country, your excitement and passion for international trade is laying the groundwork for what will be the go-to global framework for international trade competencies. As part of this effort, we are tying up with like-minded global trade educational leaders around the world to set international standards based on these competencies.

Coming together as a community toward this far-reaching effort will redefine how companies across the world address international business challenges by adequately identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities required for trade success.

The ICS focus groups have also spawned casual Meetups, like the Vancouver, Niagara and Ottawa Meetup groups of global trade enthusiasts. Do let us know if you’re interested in organizing one of these Meetups in your own city!

Global trade knowledge in 140 characters

You’ve made our monthly Twitter chats an event to look forward to on the first Thursday of every month. The useful, insightful and rapid fire global trade information you provide during these chats displays how success in global business depends upon an understanding of the subtleties of your field. These events are a pleasure for us at FITT to help facilitate.






It’s inspiring to see experienced professionals like John Treleaven using his 140 character might to such great affect. What’s also wonderful is that John, Alexander and Alberto also sit on our board of directors. How many organizations do you know of that have board members who are actively involved in their social-media community building?

Working with you to break new ground in 2015!

Shout out to our most engaged community members. Thank you for keeping the global trade conversation going!

Abed Rabbo Ahmad,
Albert Aguirre,
Alexander R.Malaket,
Andy Roo,
Astrik Avagyan Tupikova,
Audrey Ross,
Becky DeStigter,
Brian Dakers,
Callum Makkai,
Christian Höferle,
Craig Atkinson,
Daniel Vaugeois,
David Mark Noah,
David W.Weaver,
Doug Taylor,
Ed Marsh,
Emiliano Introcaso,
Eyes on Freight,
Export Development Canada,
Fadi Ghaby,
Gabriela Castro-Fontoura,
Geunwoo Ryu,
Giovanni Gonzalez,
Hernan Cortez,
Icecorp Logistics,
Jim Feir,
John Treleavean,
John Boscariol,
Justin Bedi,
Kim Stuart,
Laurel Delaney,
Liesl Harewood,
Louei Ali,
Lynda Arsenault,
Mariette Mulaire,
Michael Muhich,
Mike Au,
Mike Strawson,
Nova Scotia Business Inc.,
Rany Ibrahim,
Rick Feltenberger,
Rob Gnaedinger,
Robin MacNab,
Ronan Caillo,
Ryan Weaver,
Sara Haq,
Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership,
Sergio A. Rodr¡guez S.,
Siddha Param,
Susan Vaughan,
Susan Yovic Hoeller,
Virginie de Visscher,


With such a vibrant, growing community, we may be tempted to conclude that this is as good as it gets. However, we at FITT are sure that the best is yet to come.

Relatively new community members from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the rest of the globe are sure to make their presence felt further.  In fact we’re already seeing the impact our American friends are having on our Twitter chats and on Tradeready.ca.

We look forward to working with this growing network of international trade professionals as we continue to address global trade challenges in 2015.

Our plans for our own social media platform (TradeEliteClub.com) for the global trade community and our growing community across social media channels like Tradeready.ca, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will provide even more motivations for you all to continue to participate and grow your network.

Do let us know if you have any ideas for how we can continue to grow and create value for you, our community of elite trade professionals.

From all of us at FITT, a BIG ‘Thank You’ for making all this happen!

Glance at FITT global trade community


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