Canada and the UK take the lead in creating global international business standards


FITT IOE UK Collaboration

FITT IOE UK Collaboration

Early in 2014, we began our International Competency Standards (ICS) project with the goal of creating world-class industry standards and defining exactly what it takes to outperform the competition in global trade.

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Hundreds of international trade professionals are taking part in various focus groups across Canada. We even have global business experts from other countries participating in this first-of-its-kind initiative.

We’re excited to announce that, in an effort to continue moving toward world standards in international trade, FITT has collaborated with the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOExIT) UK to cross-accredit both organizations’ international trade credentials.

Individuals who earn FITT credentials can now also apply for IOExIT’s equivalent credentials and vice versa, with a few exceptions.

We’re confident this new collaboration will build on our ICS project efforts, and help to further consolidate trade training standards in Canada, the UK, and globally.

We are very proud to be working with FITT, one of the only organisations we have found currently committed to the quality that we aspire to here in the United Kingdom

says Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General of the IOExIT. “We hope that this is the start of many collaborations that will bring a standard and recognition of the value of studying world trade and getting it right!”

Setting the standard for international trade training

FITT and the IOExIT are world leaders in providing quality international trade training, developed by-business for-business. Both are committed to equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive integrative marketplace.

IOExIT was established in the UK back in 1935 after a period of heavy recession to support economic recovery by increasing exports in goods and services. FITT was later established in 1992 to support Canadian business growth through global trade. FITT’s teaching models were originally modelled after what FITT-founder Dieter Hollweck saw organizations like IOExIT doing in Europe at the time.

“FITT and IOExIT are committed to ensuring quality international trade programs and credentials,” says Caroline Tompkins, CITP®|FIBP®, FITT President.

Strengthening trade competencies internationally will benefit not only individuals but also their employers, and ultimately the world economy.

Strengthening international trade ties

Silvia Baptista, FITT’s Manager of Product and Service Delivery, has been working hard with IOExIT staff throughout the extensive process of mapping the qualifications that both organisations have developed and maintain.

“The cross-accreditation process has been well worth the effort,” she says. “This collaboration will only increase the global visibility of credential-holders from both organizations, and it will further us all on the path toward creating a globally recognized set of international business standards.”

Silvia would also like to thank FITT’s Certification and Accreditation Committee for their support in approving the cross-accreditation.

CETA has set the stage for enhanced trade and investment between Canada, the UK and the rest of the 27 EU member-states. Collaborations like this will further equip trade professionals with the skills to ease trade between our countries, in addition to creating international growth and more global career opportunities.

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