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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Tahir Khurshid, CITP|FIBP – Marketing Consultant

Tahir Khurshid is an expert in his field, with over 30 years of global experience working for companies like Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Mars and PepsiCo.

Harmeet Kohli, CITP|FIBP – International Trade Consultant and Professor

With decades of experience in international trade, Harmeet Kohli, CITP|FIBP splits his time between teaching and consulting on international trade projects.

Zishan Shah, CITP|FIBP – Manager, Economic Development

Fourteen years in, Zishan has already had an impressive career in global trade, specializing in economic development, project management, trade policy, business attraction and retention, negotiation, and stakeholder management.

Import Export Trade Management
Canada, United States see positive international business outlook for 2017

Economists, business heads and industry insiders remain optimistic that 2017 will be a positive year for economic growth and international trade on the heels of a sluggish 2016.

Want to find new ways to improve your business? Try using gap analysis

Gap analysis is a structured way of comparing actual performance with potential performance to focus future planning and development.

Top 4 Tips to Grow Your Business Internationally

There are four main international business tips that I continually try to instill in the students and companies I work with that will give them the best opportunity for growing their businesses.

International Trade Finance
New trade taxes may be coming – here’s how you could be affected

President Trump is considering, among other trade taxes, a new Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) – here’s what we know, and how you can curtail its impact.

Can the banks come together to bring the benefits of blockchain to their clients?

Making blockchain a reality will take time and require a practical approach and collaboration between banking institutions.

6 ways you can get medium or long-term financing for your business

Banks or other financial institutions offer various medium or long-term financing programs, often supporting large projects – which option is best for you?

Market Entry Strategies
Is your next technology project team in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers a wealth of opportunities for Canadian exporters. Eight leading-edge technology companies are headed to Canada on a trade mission to help build these relationships.

Export diversity beyond U.S. is key to long-term profitability for Canadian manufacturers

Even before it was clear that a sentiment of protectionism would inform the new U.S. administration’s trade policy, Canadian manufacturers identified the need to diversify exports beyond America.

How can Canadian SMEs benefit from free trade agreements anyway?

For all the talk on free trade agreements, it can be hard to find SME-friendly information on how companies can benefit from them.

How to set up your global business for e-commerce success

We asked some experts to share their thoughts in our latest #TradeElite chat about how to sell online and find your path to e-commerce success,

3 tried and tested ways to reach a new international market

Based on the nature of the market and the product or service, the international marketer must consider the most effective and efficient means of reaching the new market.

The future is here! How e-commerce will continue to revolutionize retail in 2017 (Part 2)

From personalized e-commerce experiences to drone delivery, we are radically changing the way we think about the shopping experience at a breakneck pace.

Protecting intellectual property: the good, the bad and the ugly

Protecting intellectual property has become a challenging issue in international trade, both to reduce theft and ensure the most vulnerable are protected.

What types of data do you need for your market research?

Any good market research is going to involve a lot of information. Here’s how to decide what types of market research data you’ll need, and how to get it.

How to apply market intelligence to your products and processes

Research findings are of little or no value until they can be applied to solve problems and help make decisions.

Supply Chain Management
What is Trump’s 45% tariff on Chinese imports, and how can I avoid it?

President Trump has also threatened to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports – how would this work, and what would be your options to bypass it?

These should be the first steps in planning any supply chain

Planning any supply chain should start with knowledge of the company’s business plan and objectives.

What are the biggest challenges of managing global supply chains?

Co-ordinating each component in global supply chains involves many challenges, both predictable and unpredictable – how can you manage them all?