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Does your business have a reverse logistics plan?

The same capabilities used in the forward supply chain can’t be leveraged in reverse logistics…reverse logistics requires different processes, technology, capabilities, and expertise. It’s more of a network model.

Accelerate Your Career Growth

FITT and EDC have teamed up to provide International Trade Training courses and workshops that help professionals grow their international business skills - and their careers.



CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Naveed Agha, CITP|FIBP – Managing Director

Naveed Agha is Managing Director of Raziq International Inc., specializing in sales and marketing for baking and food ingredients, and serving as representatives for some major companies

Mohamed Ben Mbarek, CITP|FIBP – Release Customs Analyst

Once he arrived in Montreal from Tunisia, Mohamed quickly set his eyes on a career in international trade, which checked off all of his boxes for a potential new career path.

Jason Fischer, CITP|FIBP – Crude Oil Scheduler

For over 15 years, Jason Fischer has worked in high-level positions for some of the biggest companies in Canada, dealing with massive rail shipping networks and other forms of transportation.

Feasibility of International Trade
4 ways to protect your intellectual property in foreign markets

Intellectual Property can be the distinguishing factor and main driver of revenue for an organization. Here are 4 ways to protect yours.

Getting the funding you need to go global

In this month’s #TradeElite Twitter chat, we sought to explore the practical aspects of obtaining the funding needed to enter global markets for the first time.

Ontario is seizing global opportunities to increase international trade for its businesses

With globalization, evolving trade agreements and increased competition, the province is taking action to help Ontario businesses expand their international trade to new markets through Ontario’s Global Trade Strategy, Seizing Global Opportunities.

Import Export Trade Management
Top 10 websites you can use to find your dream international trade job

Where do you find lucrative international business jobs?  Here is a look at 10 of the best online sources trade professionals can use to find their next job.

How can your international business stay ahead of tariffs and trade wars?

If you are worried about the possible effects of tariffs and trade wars on your international business you are not alone. Check out our #TradeElite Twitter chat recap below for insights from global trade experts.

5 stories to inspire women in international business

In honour of International Women’s Day, here are five inspiring stories to highlight some of the remarkable women in international business who tackle these challenges head on and have shared their wisdom and experiences with us. 

International Trade Finance
Six steps to investing abroad

If a Canadian company owns all or part of a business in a foreign country, it is engaging in Canadian direct investment abroad, or CDIA. Such firms are not necessarily large businesses—many small to medium-sized Canadian enterprises (SMEs) are discovering that investing abroad can have many benefits, including:

7 Delivery costs to budget for in your export strategy

Exporters need to keep these 7 services in mind when managing international deliveries, and budget accordingly, to take advantage of them when needed.

How Bitcoin could shake up international trade

The time has come for those in global business to look at how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will affect international trade finance.

Market Entry Strategies
4 steps to confirm you’ve found the right international business partner before signing

Before you sign on the dotted line, forging a binding relationship with an international business partner, there are some steps you can take to help ensure you’ve found the right one.

Four ways that in-market visits enable you to maximize foreign market opportunities

You’ve finished conducted your market research. You’ve identified trade and investment opportunities you want to pursue in your target market, you’ve examined your company’s ability…

How to scale up your SME to do business globally

While exploring new markets, finding the funding to expand, and navigating international export laws can be a lot to process, companies who do business globally stand to make higher profits. Here’s how.

Take your international marketing into the 21st century with the 4 Es

The 4 Es of marketing – experience, everyplace, exchange and evangelism – is taking over as an alternative to the traditional 4 Ps approach due to the digital age.

Four ways that in-market visits enable you to maximize foreign market opportunities

You’ve finished conducted your market research. You’ve identified trade and investment opportunities you want to pursue in your target market, you’ve examined your company’s ability…

Quick read: 4 steps to successful growth hacking

The goal of growth hacking is to increase sales by developing, testing and iterating product versions while at the same time merging marketing into the product or service development process.

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the business-customer relationship

Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly well-known, we’re exploring ways for both businesses and customers to make the most of these connected “household” things.

3 types of green technology that will change the future of international trade

As an industry that could soon be radically changed by developments of green technology, here are some of the most exciting ways that green technology could change the future of international trade.

How global business education made the business world more accessible to me

The FITT-accredited program taught me everything from international marketing to global supply chain logistics. As someone who lacked physical experience in the global workforce, the program’s global business education equipped me with the tools I needed in order to succeed.