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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Shriya Ramachandran, CITP|FIBP – Trade Commissioner (Infrastructure)

Shriya Ramachandran entered the world of international trade as an environmental researcher, monitoring various aspects of climate policy that impacted local and global industries.

Hossein Mashatan, CITP|FIBP – President of Mashimex Inc.

Hossein Mashaton, CITP|FIBP, President of Mashimex Inc., has been living and breathing international trade, in one form or another, for the over 35 years.

Benjamin Charbonneau, CITP|FIBP – Senior Sales Executive and Business Owner

Benjamin Charbonneau, CITP|FIBP owns and runs Hedgeports, his own import broker company, and serves as Senior Sales Executive for CMC Markets.

Import Export Trade Management
Want to export or import these products? You’re going to need a license

Countless products traverse the globe every day, moving from one country to the other as trade is carried out. Many of the array of items…

Know your service exports: 4 ways services are traded globally

According to the World Trade Organization, over the past 20 years trade in services has become the most dynamic segment of world trade, growing more quickly than trade in goods.

Debunking the top 10 myths about international distribution agreements

Here are the top ten misconceptions floating around out there, and the solutions to protect your bottom line in distribution agreements.

International Trade Finance
5 essential skills for any international finance professional

The international finance professional is an indispensable member of any global business team. What do they need to know to excel in their work?

Get the details of your global business deals right the first time

Getting all of the research and assessment done to complete global business deals without missing any major issues requires a long-term commitment.

Blockchain for trade: Not all that glitters is gold

While financial institutions are trying to find out how much business they can gain by adopting blockchain technology, corporations are being more cautious.

Market Entry Strategies
5 valuable sources for finding your next international business partner

International business partnerships can succeed only if the participants are willing to devote sufficient time, energy, resources and skilled people to make them work. This includes the effort needed to find the right partnership in the first place.

This tool could be your company’s answer to reducing bribery risk in international business

Those who engage in international trade need to understand the different political and social environments in which they operate—including the varying likelihood of being confronted with corrupt demands by public officials.

3 New Year’s resolutions for Canada on Asian trade

In 2017, the Canadian government should resolve to increase its Asian trade relations; to do so, here are a few suggestions.

The seven C’s you need to organize your marketing strategy

The seven Cs of marketing take a closer look at the overall marketing strategy by considering how best to communicate to customers.

How to link international trade research to marketing decisions

Once a company performs, gathers and analyzes the results of its international trade research efforts, it is ready to make global marketing decisions.

You can’t sell to a new market until you understand their politics

There is a tendency among some businesspeople to think that politics and law should be left to someone else. However, for international marketing, the political environment of a target market plays a critical role.

Legal aspects you need to consider before delving into FDI

Before deciding to invest in a foreign market, entrepreneurs must be sure to conduct a thorough investigation of the legal aspects of FDI as well as economic and political climate of the host country.

Top 10 most popular global trade articles from 2016

Catch up on some of our most popular articles from the past year that you may have missed, or refresh your memory as we head into 2017.

EDC-FITT Intern on the fast track to a successful career in international trade

Jose Recinos, CITP|FIBP was selected as this year’s EDC-FITT Intern to work as a Trade Advisor for EDC’s Exporter Outreach team, in the Marketing group.

Supply Chain Management
At risk of automation? Transition into these growing jobs

It’s true that robots and automation are changing the way business is conducted, and it certainly is disrupting the workforce but humans are still needed.

Improve your supply chain efficiency with a new production plan

An effective production plan enables companies to reduce their amount of stored inventory and make the best use of their manufacturing space and equipment.

What do customs brokers do, and how can they help your business?

Customs brokers clear shipments of imported goods, prepare required documentation for export shipments and collect duties and taxes.