CITP®|FIBP® Spotlights

Matthew Davis, CITP|FIBP – Manager, Contract Development

Matthew Davis, CITP|FIBP has honed his sales and business development skills for nearly ten years now, the past four years rising through the ranks at CEDA.

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Alejandro Ruiz, CITP|FIBP – Trade Commissioner for Agri-food

Alejandro’s interest in global trade began very early in life, choosing to studying it in school and then channeling that enthusiasm into a successful career.

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Trade Management

Are you at risk of being replaced by a robot or automated system?

If you know you don’t want your job taken by an automated system or robot, start changing now to ensure your place in the future of international trade.

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Supply Chain Management

5 steps to becoming a successful international supplier

While it may seem daunting to some small to medium-sized business owners, expanding your business by supplying products or services to a bigger multinational corporation is not only possible, it can be profitable.

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Marketing & Sales

Create a winning international marketing plan by nailing your market research

Entering a new market requires a deep dive into the minds, lifestyles, habits and communication style of your new clients. Gathering accurate information to give you a full picture of this market will be the key to success in expanding your business into this new region.

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Market Entry Strategies

Top 5 things you need to know to export your product to Brazil

As one of the BRICS nations and the economic leader of Latin America, Brazil is an important market to consider. Is your business ready to export to Brazil?

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Research & Development

Collaborative partnership grants help businesses compete on a global scale

There are a variety of benefits that research collaborations can have, so the Canadian government has introduced two new collaborative partnership grants.

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International Trade Finance

Build the best banking relationship for your trade finance needs

Will you be better off with a banking relationship meant to last for life, or to look for the the best banking deal for each individual transaction?

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We can narrow the wealth gap by focusing on global trade opportunities

Many opportunities to reduce the wealth gap are directly from or connected to global trade, but young professionals need training to capitalize on them.

How can your global business manage Brexit risks?

The recent UK decision to leave the European Union concerns us all. Brexit will have major implications not only for the future of the United Kingdom and the European Union, but also for North American companies operating in the UK. A UK-EU divorce

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