CITP|FIBP Spotlight

Nicole van Hove, CITP|FIBP – Aerospace Trade Commissioner

Nicole van Hove, CITP|FIBP is an Aerospace Trade Commissioner with Global Affairs Canada (GAC), currently working in Ottawa.

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Joonmo Yang, CITP|FIBP – Assistant Manager

Joonmo Yang, CITP|FIBP is an Assistant Manager with Younglim Corporation, a forestry import/export company located in South Korea.

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Research & Development

4 big trade show takeaways I learned from attending GLOBE 2016

I have recently returned from GLOBE 2016, North America’s largest and longest-running conference and exposition dedicated to business innovation for the planet. What are the trade show takeaways you can apply for your next event?

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International Trade Finance

What the Panama Papers really reveal about trade deals

While many have argued the U.S.-Panama free trade agreement made using offshore accounts easier, the Panama Papers themselves suggests otherwise.

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Talking all about virtual trade finance

The world of virtual trade finance is moving faster than ever. How will that will affect import-export businesses around the world?

Offshore tax havens account for 50% of all world trade – and other fun facts from the Panama Papers

On April 3rd, the so-called ‘Panama Papers’ were unveiled by news outlets around the world. Coverage of the story is likely to last for quite some time due to the size and substance of the leak, and the amount information that needs to be analyzed.

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