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CITP Small Business Spotlight
CITP Business Spotlight – Illia Dumbadze, CITP

Discover how training and the CITP designation contribute to success for international trade specialists like Illia Dumbdaze.

CITP Business Spotlight – Survival Systems Limited

Trish Tully, CITP, VP, Marketing and Sales, shares the secrets of success for Survival Systems, a global leader in survival and safety training technology.

CITP Small Business Spotlight – The Pacific Trade Show

Global trade professional Carolina Vasquez discusses how investing in training and getting her CITP helped her build an international business.

CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Afzalur Rahman, CITP|FIBP – International Trade Instructor

Afzalur Rahman is a full-time international trade instructor at Douglas College in Vancouver, sharing his expertise with a new generation of professionals.

Enrique Sobalvarro, CITP|FIBP – International Trade Entrepreneur and Consultant

For Enrique Sobalvarro, international trade has been a passion for a long time. Even as a child, he remembers being enthralled by the idea of…

Karmesh Patel, CITP|FIBP – Cross Border Agent

After working in Tanzania and taking FITTskills online courses, Karmesh Patel, CITP now works for Livingston International as a Cross Border Agent.

Feasibility of International Trade
How trade advisors can help today’s exporters to go global

Our current trade environment provides a perfect opportunity to refocus the way trade advisors and trade promotion organization serve their clients’ needs.

Identify, analyze and mitigate the social risks to your business

Social risks arise from negative local perceptions of a business’ impact. Learn to identify and reduce these risks with corporate social responsibility.

Tips to successfully grow your small business in a challenging economy

Discover how the right strategies can help you to successfully grow your business, even internationally, in an economic downturn.

Import Export Trade Management
Your guide to 10 common global business acronyms

Read any article, enter any conversation or try to fill out any paperwork in the global trade realm, and you might just find your head…

4 lessons learned on starting and growing a career in international business

It seems that for the most part of recent history, there is never a good time to be starting a career, unless of course you…

5 easy ways Canadian exporters can get the TCS advantage

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies connect with global opportunities. How can you start getting the TCS advantage?

International Trade Finance
Think you can’t get export credit insurance for your small business? Think again.

Export credit insurance can make sense and be accessible for businesses of almost any size, even microbusiness exporters.

Quick read: The essentials of negotiating an international business contract

Discover the essential elements of a solid international business contract and avoid having to deal with disputes and possible litigation.

How to plan for the costs of venturing into global business

Find out about the costs and the risks of taking your business into new global markets and how to ensure your success with planning and the right strategy.

Market Entry Strategies
How trade advisors can help today’s exporters to go global

Our current trade environment provides a perfect opportunity to refocus the way trade advisors and trade promotion organization serve their clients’ needs.

California beckons to Canadian women in technology

Discover why California is the place to be for women technology entrepreneurs, and the strategies you will need to propel your business toward success.

Need a global market entry strategy? Ask these 12 questions

Ask these 12 key questions and devise a strong international market entry strategy for your business to ensure success in new markets.

Target your marketing by differentiating between potential customers and creating customer profiles

Customer profiles are used for product and service adaptations and other marketing decisions. Profiles are also often created for specific market segments.

Improve the perceived value of your products or services in target markets

What is the perceived value of your product or service? How can you determine what matters most to your customers and exceed their expectations?

Why business development needs to be a company mindset, rather than just a department

A business development mindset suggests a proactive management style, with a commitment to always seek ways to prospect for business – be it “new” or old.