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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Floyd Simpkins, CITP|FIBP – International Business Professor

Floyd Simpkins has taught every FITTskills course at St. Clair College at one point or another and enriched the careers of countless students along the way.

Alejandro Salomon, CITP|FIBP – Project Manager

Alejandro Salomon, CITP|FIBP runs his own consulting company, Salomon Group Consulting, and co-founded his own trading company, Deliro Trading Co.

Alicia Haneine, CITP – Owner and Manager North Van Suites

Inspired by her mother, a successful entrepreneur who has overcome difficult odds to thrive in her business, Alicia Haneine always knew she wanted to be a businesswoman.

Import Export Trade Management
7 things to look for when choosing external suppliers

When selecting external suppliers, develop a short list of potential candidates and evaluate their services according to established performance criteria.

Eliminating NAFTA might bring back jobs, but at what cost?

With Trump’s promises to bring manufacturing back and possibly eliminate NAFTA, there is a lot of speculation regarding whether this means outsourced jobs will be coming back from Mexico. Perhaps, but at what price?

Top 5 fastest growing international trade jobs

While there is no shortage of positions available for the global business savvy professionals out there, we’ve identified the top five international trade jobs that are growing in both demand for employees and salary.

International Trade Finance
New trade taxes may be coming – here’s how you could be affected

President Trump is considering, among other trade taxes, a new Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) – here’s what we know, and how you can curtail its impact.

Can the banks come together to bring the benefits of blockchain to their clients?

Making blockchain a reality will take time and require a practical approach and collaboration between banking institutions.

6 ways you can get medium or long-term financing for your business

Banks or other financial institutions offer various medium or long-term financing programs, often supporting large projects – which option is best for you?

Market Entry Strategies
Not just a vacation destination – don’t overlook lucrative export opportunities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica may be small in size and population, but it should not be overlooked as business destination. For exporters, there is a wealth of opportunities in Costa Rica.

3 easy ways to improve your business’s first impression in a new market

It’s true what they say – you only have one chance at a first impression. The good news is that your business’s first impressions can be steered, to a certain extent. Here’s why it’s so crucial to create the best first impression possible.

How can Canadian SMEs take advantage of CETA?

To explore the new opportunities presented by CETA, we asked some Canadian trade experts to share their take in this month’s #TradeElite Twitter chat.

3 tried and tested ways to reach a new international market

Based on the nature of the market and the product or service, the international marketer must consider the most effective and efficient means of reaching the new market.

The future is here! How e-commerce will continue to revolutionize retail in 2017 (Part 2)

From personalized e-commerce experiences to drone delivery, we are radically changing the way we think about the shopping experience at a breakneck pace.

Top 5 international sales tips straight from the experts

Here we’ve gathered five great tips from some of our best sources in international sales.

Protecting intellectual property: the good, the bad and the ugly

Protecting intellectual property has become a challenging issue in international trade, both to reduce theft and ensure the most vulnerable are protected.

What types of data do you need for your market research?

Any good market research is going to involve a lot of information. Here’s how to decide what types of market research data you’ll need, and how to get it.

How to apply market intelligence to your products and processes

Research findings are of little or no value until they can be applied to solve problems and help make decisions.

Supply Chain Management
Use these 14 best practices to avoid profit drain on product returns

Several best practices have been developed that can help a company enhance its customer service offerings and reduce the costs associated with managing returns.

Companies are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of international e-commerce

Despite the difficult trade climate, there is one avenue of international business that continues to see dramatic gains: e-commerce. Yet e-commerce is growing faster than companies can keep up, creating all kinds of challenges.

The ocean freight industry is struggling – but is there hope on the horizon?

The ocean freight industry is experiencing tough times, but this could present opportunities to rethink business models and consider bold new ideas.