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CITP Small Business Spotlight
CITP Business Spotlight – Illia Dumbadze, CITP

Discover how training and the CITP designation contribute to success for international trade specialists like Illia Dumbdaze.

CITP Business Spotlight – Survival Systems Limited

Trish Tully, CITP, VP, Marketing and Sales, shares the secrets of success for Survival Systems, a global leader in survival and safety training technology.

CITP Small Business Spotlight – The Pacific Trade Show

Global trade professional Carolina Vasquez discusses how investing in training and getting her CITP helped her build an international business.

CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Enrique Sobalvarro, CITP|FIBP – International Trade Entrepreneur and Consultant

For Enrique Sobalvarro, international trade has been a passion for a long time. Even as a child, he remembers being enthralled by the idea of…

Karmesh Patel, CITP|FIBP – Cross Border Agent

After working in Tanzania and taking FITTskills online courses, Karmesh Patel, CITP now works for Livingston International as a Cross Border Agent.

Kayla Beck, CITP|FIBP – Online Marketing & Career Promotion

Kayla Beck, a newly minted Certified International Trade Professional (CITP), shares how her CITP designation is helping her succeed.

Feasibility of International Trade
Tips to successfully grow your small business in a challenging economy

Discover how the right strategies can help you to successfully grow your business, even internationally, in an economic downturn.

CanExport Grants: Expanded Eligibility Criteria for Businesses

Find out how your business can take advantage of new funding for international market development under the CanExport program.

Congratulations to the newest EDC-FITT Student Intern of 2019!

Allyson Fraser, a graduate of Algonquin College’s Business Administration – International Business program is awarded EDC-FITT Student Internship for 2019.

Import Export Trade Management
5 easy ways Canadian exporters can get the TCS advantage

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) helps Canadian companies connect with global opportunities. How can you start getting the TCS advantage?

Lessons learned on the value of mentorship in global business from the CITP20 contest winners

Find out what the global business mentors and mentees have to say about their mentorship experience offered by FITT in 2018.

How a tech business is growing and going global with help from CanExport

Tara Kelly is a self-described “serial innovator” with a passion for using technology to help people—and with a little assistance from a program to help Canadian…

International Trade Finance
Practical advice and resources for women starting or growing a business

Helpful resources, information and practical advice for women entrepreneurs and women starting or growing a business in Canada or internationally.

Learn how to select the payment methods and terms that work best for your business

While in contract negotiation, the payment methods and payment terms must be specified and agreed upon. How should you decide which options to choose?

CanExport Grants: Expanded Eligibility Criteria for Businesses

Find out how your business can take advantage of new funding for international market development under the CanExport program.

Market Entry Strategies
Need a global market entry strategy? Ask these 12 questions

Ask these 12 key questions and devise a strong international market entry strategy for your business to ensure success in new markets.

Overcome 9 of the most common market entry barriers with these strategies

Without a full understanding of the different types of market entry barriers, organizations may choose an ineffective market entry strategy.

Try this approach to improve the number of export opportunities available to your business

Find out how using a “pull” procurement approach with a local presence in international markets can lead to new export opportunities to grow your business.

Improve the perceived value of your products or services in target markets

What is the perceived value of your product or service? How can you determine what matters most to your customers and exceed their expectations?

Why business development needs to be a company mindset, rather than just a department

A business development mindset suggests a proactive management style, with a commitment to always seek ways to prospect for business – be it “new” or old. 

5 steps to scale your small business to new global markets

Follow these 5 simple steps to successfully take your small business to new global markets without making rookie mistakes.