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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Desarai Mosher, CITP|FIBP – Strategic Account Executive

With such impressive results in her career so far, Desarai Mosher is poised to keep expanding her career horizons and help the community she values dearly.

Dmitri Tchernychov, CITP|FIBP – Operations Manager

Dmitri Tchernychov can’t remember a time when he was not fascinated by the sheer volume of goods constantly moving all over the word in ships, planes, trains and trucks.

Varun Anthony, CITP|FIBP – Trade Commissioner for Agriculture and Processed Foods

Varun earned his CITP|FIBP designation in May of 2017. Varun is a trade commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Feasibility of International Trade
How can global entrepreneurs overcome their biggest challenges?

To get a glimpse into the situations global entrepreneurs face and put our fingers on some great solutions, we assembled a panel of experts who have been there, done that, and are helping others successfully enter international waters as global business owners.

Can you do business in markets facing trade barriers? And should you?

How can businesses overcome trade barriers of all kinds in markets with potential (and should they)?

4 successful strategies your organization can use to manage risk

Risk management is vital to any organization. When developing a strategy to handle risk, create one that can fall into one or more of the four categories.

Import Export Trade Management
Top 10 mobile apps that can help you manage your global business

These 10 excellent mobile apps can help you manage your global business and improve your international trade knowledge while on-the-go.

Why Canada needs to seize the moment and start negotiating a free trade agreement with Japan

Despite the TPP’s demise, Japan is too rich a market to ignore. Canadian leaders should make a free trade agreement with Japan a priority.

Will we see a revival of TTIP negotiations? Trade leaders say, ‘yes.’

Trade leaders in the United States and Europe are discussing resuming TTIP talks, and touting the benefits of a trade deal between the United States and the EU.

International Trade Finance
Overcome 3 of the biggest trade finance challenges with these tips

With some of the biggest trade finance challenges in mind, here’s some advice that will help smooth the path towards your trade finance success.

4 easy guarantees to protect your trade deal

When drafting a contract for a deal, it’s best to work in a set of guarantees. Here are four types of guarantees you should know when drafting a contract

The impact of trade finance on your international business and supply chain

Trade finance, the esoteric, poorly understood branch of finance that deals with the financing of international trade, is in fact relatively straightforward at its core. It has proven effective in facilitating trade across every market on the globe for hundreds of years if not longer. Did you feel that? The sudden rush of adrenaline and flash of goose-bumps as you contemplated the mind-blowing implications of this statement? Work with me on this!

Market Entry Strategies
Top 5 things you need to know to export to Canada

Do you need to add Canada to your export strategy? Here are five factors to think about as you consider whether your business should export to Canada.

ASEAN has arrived as the global growth engine of the next decade. Are you participating?

With the ASEAN region going through a period of rapid growth, Canadian businesses should be doing business there, despite not having a Canada-ASEAN FTA.

Improve your service exports with servitization

It’s important to understand the relationship between services and products when developing products, and how servitization can help you to export services.

How translators and marketers can work together to sell your products internationally

Transcreation has become a trendy word among translation companies seeking to differentiate themselves from their competition and machine translation.

How to use social media as a marketing tool

Social media has been playing a role in the shopping journey for a while now. But it is increasingly serving as a platform for commercial activity.

Between social selling and social media marketing, is there a clear choice for your business?

Both social selling and social media marketing develop customer relationships and get recognized by more people. Is one or both options best for your needs?

6 rankings to look at when exploring Latin American markets

When researching various Latin American markets, looking at rankings will help you understand each market and compare and prioritise them.

7 steps to minimize technological risks

Technological risk can be mitigated. The following 7 steps show how your business can lessen the threat of technological risk.

Growing momentum for clean tech will spur exports – here’s why

The global market for clean tech is growing exponentially and exporters can position themselves to take a large share of this rapidly growing market.