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Your introduction to exporting and importing

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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Alicia Haneine, CITP – Owner and Manager North Van Suites

Inspired by her mother, a successful entrepreneur who has overcome difficult odds to thrive in her business, Alicia Haneine always knew she wanted to be a businesswoman.

Sylvain Charbonneau, CITP|FIBP – International Trade Consultant and Educator

Sylvain Charbonneau balances teaching FITTskills courses with running his own international trade and communication consulting company, SC Communication.

Tanita Alexandridis, CITP – Sr. Associate, Advisory Services

Tanita Alexandridis, CITP has something in common with many of the people who choose a career in international business – she has had a passion for world cultures and languages from a young age.

Import Export Trade Management
What’s next for NAFTA?

We talked to experts about what we can expect for the future of NAFTA and how it could potentially be improved to benefit businesses in all three countries.

Today’s shifting global business environment – a view from Atlantic Canada

In today’s global business environment there are new government policies to grapple with; and as if that’s not enough to navigate, there are the near constant changes in government that also affect trade agreements.

Imports do not kill jobs – protectionism does

Protectionism defeats everyone and the resulting animosity leads to unemployment, followed by social unrest and even wars.

International Trade Finance
6 ways you can get medium or long-term financing for your business

Banks or other financial institutions offer various medium or long-term financing programs, often supporting large projects – which option is best for you?

5 essential skills for any international finance professional

The international finance professional is an indispensable member of any global business team. What do they need to know to excel in their work?

Get the details of your global business deals right the first time

Getting all of the research and assessment done to complete global business deals without missing any major issues requires a long-term commitment.

Market Entry Strategies
Here’s what you need to create an effective business partner communications plan

It’s not always easy to communicate with your partners around the world, so make sure you have a strong business partner communication plan in place.

Here’s where you’ll find the biggest LATAM market entry opportunities in 2017

It is essential to diversify your exports and not depend on one market. The good news is, there are plenty of other interesting markets elsewhere, especially in Latin America, that offer the opportunity for growth.

How to communicate effectively and grow your business in Latin America

First, let’s go back to basics: Latin America is a continent of at least 20 countries, but has two main languages: Portuguese and Spanish.

Alicia Haneine, CITP – Owner and Manager North Van Suites

Inspired by her mother, a successful entrepreneur who has overcome difficult odds to thrive in her business, Alicia Haneine always knew she wanted to be a businesswoman.

The success of U.S. marketing methods shouldn’t affect the Canadian way of selling

There are no quick fixes in international trade – maintaining a steady focused effort to be the best in what you do will always succeed in the end.

The seven C’s you need to organize your marketing strategy

The seven Cs of marketing take a closer look at the overall marketing strategy by considering how best to communicate to customers.

Don’t lose out on a potential client because of an email faux pas

To reduce the chances of an email faux pas when introducing yourself, employ these seven practical tips for a positive first impression.

The role of international organizations in international business law

In an effort to manage and govern international trade, a number of international organizations (IOs) have been established.

Developing a vision for the future of your international business

A vision statement is usually accompanied by a mission statement, which addresses the nature of the company’s business. The fundamental prerequisite for any corporate vision is a definition of its business.

Supply Chain Management
What is global supply chain management?

Global supply chain management involves planning how the entire supply chain will function to remain cost efficient and keep customers happy.

Supply chain disruption – 3 lessons learned from past trends

As SCM become more strategic in business planning, we gain a deeper understanding of how supply chain disruption can impact the overall performance of the business.

Top 5 North American conferences you don’t want to miss if you are in freight forwarding and logistics

The logistics, freight forwarding and transportation industry has some incredible events which help to educate, inspire, and connect people involved in the field.