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CITP® |FIBP® Spotlight
Vivien Gomes, CITP|FIBP – Manager and Publisher

Vivien Gomes is an experienced market researcher balancing several projects, including her own publishing business and working for a TV production company.

Carl Gravel, CITP|FIBP – Director of International Expansion

Today, Carl Gravel is an experienced executive helping small businesses across Canada as a director at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

Kamo Mailyan, CITP|FIBP – Trader, Eurasia Division

Kamo Mailyan is a talented professional with a passion for the social aspects of his work and a major award among his list of accomplishments.

Feasibility of International Trade
Can you do business in markets facing trade barriers? And should you?

How can businesses overcome trade barriers of all kinds in markets with potential (and should they)?

4 successful strategies your organization can use to manage risk

Risk management is vital to any organization. When developing a strategy to handle risk, create one that can fall into one or more of the four categories.

Import Export Trade Management
FACEOFF: How does a new U.S. Trade Representative shift the country’s approach to trade?

To get a sense of the types of changes to expect we can look at the contrasting the viewpoints held by incoming U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer with those of his predecessor, Michael Froman.

How joining a community of international trade professionals helped build my global business

My journey toward learning the ropes of international trade began when I was introduced to the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) and its community of international trade professionals by a peer who is a successful Certified International trade Professional (CITP).

The people have spoken: public opinion on free trade with China

The Trudeau government will need to convince Canadians that a free trade agreement with China is good for the Canadian economy, businesses, and workers.

International Trade Finance
4 easy guarantees to protect your trade deal

When drafting a contract for a deal, it’s best to work in a set of guarantees. Here are four types of guarantees you should know when drafting a contract

The impact of trade finance on your international business and supply chain

Trade finance, the esoteric, poorly understood branch of finance that deals with the financing of international trade, is in fact relatively straightforward at its core. It has proven effective in facilitating trade across every market on the globe for hundreds of years if not longer. Did you feel that? The sudden rush of adrenaline and flash of goose-bumps as you contemplated the mind-blowing implications of this statement? Work with me on this!

New trade taxes may be coming – here’s how you could be affected

President Trump is considering, among other trade taxes, a new Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) – here’s what we know, and how you can curtail its impact.

Market Entry Strategies
Your export strategy is incomplete without these 4 things

One of the most important questions that I am frequently asking my clients nowadays is “what exactly is your export strategy?” Exporting strategies vary inevitably from case to case, but they all need these 4 things to be complete.

Why exporters should diversify beyond U.S. markets – and how to do it right

Diversification has long been the popular advice to Canadian businesses. Here’s how to do it right to enjoy export success beyond the U.S.

6 market entry practices specifically for service exports

Service exports come with their own market entry challenges. Here are 6 practices service exporters can use to gain a foothold in a new international market.

Beyond localization: Why transcreation is essential for engaging the global audience

Used primarily in marketing and advertising, transcreation focuses on the concept of the campaign and on the intent of the message in order to provide cultural context and to recreate the nuances of its voice and tone.

How to follow up after networking, according to the numbers

Networking is a great way to make an initial introduction to other professionals in your field. But if you wish to develop and maintain quality business connections, it’s up to you to follow-up.

Win over customers in new markets with these 3 marketing tactics

Customers everywhere are different, so you’ll need to alter your marketing tactics in every market to earn their loyalty, respect and their business.

Top 5 events global business professionals won’t want to miss this year

It’s always wise to stay informed about the best upcoming business events, so here are 5 events global business professionals will want to attend.

What’s the difference between Apple and Blockbuster? The secret ingredients of innovation

What are the secret ingredients of innovation, and how can a business set out to truly innovate?

Can you do business in markets facing trade barriers? And should you?

How can businesses overcome trade barriers of all kinds in markets with potential (and should they)?