CITP Small Business Spotlight: Randall Strategy Corp.


Quentin Randall, Owner of Randall Strategy

Taking your business to the global stage takes planning and guts. No small feat in any sense, international growth requires you to assess all potential risks so you can avoid costly mistakes and become a successful and profitable business. 

Those who embark on this journey the right way, do so by planning, getting the right training, and using the right strategies and approaches. They undertake a lot of work, but also experience the tremendous benefits from all their efforts—and that’s why we’re proud to celebrate them.

This week, we’re putting the business spotlight on Randall Strategy, owned by CITP Quentin Randall. Quentin got his start in international trade when he joined an Alberta-led international mission to Mexico City. There, he supported Alberta-based SMEs as they expanded into Latin America. Since then, his company, Randall Strategy, has dedicated itself to helping small businesses access capital and enter new markets.

Tell us a little bit about your company?

Randall Strategy is led by certified financial and trade professionals. We de-risk business ventures so SMEs can raise capital and enter new markets. We help these companies get the capital and contracts they need so they can focus on running their business.

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What are some of your favourite stories about your business and career?

Every time I get to meet and work with a new small business client, I learn about their operations and help them grow; it is a very rewarding experience. Most of these companies are family-owned and operated, and helping them understand that they too can compete globally is very rewarding.

What are some of your proudest professional accomplishments, or most interesting business projects you’ve worked on?

In 2021, my company helped a Canadian logistics company secure a major investment which saved them tens of thousands of dollars and set them up to ship products internationally. I have also imported samples of hand-woven hammams and throws from Turkey, and miniature wooden baseball bats from China. This project is on hold due to COVID-19, but it is still very rewarding to be connected with overseas suppliers.

What one piece of advice have you learned during your career that you wish you had known when you started working in international trade?

I wish I would’ve connected to an experienced 3PL and customs broker in the beginning. It is a long, slow, complicated process to navigate all the regulations and freight considerations yourself, and these groups help move things along. Working with a 3PL is such a time-saver and they de-risk a venture so well. 3PLs and customs brokers are well worth the investment.

Your business, Randall Strategy, helps clients raise capital and enter new markets. As a CITP, how do you foresee your designation playing a role in your company’s future?

I want to use my CITP designation and the knowledge that comes with it to do two things:

1. Help more clients access capital and successfully enter new international markets

2. Import new, high-quality products into Canada.

For someone who owns their own business, what was your experience with the FITTskills courses like? 

These courses were awesome. It validated much of what I thought to be true and taught me a great deal more about risk management than I expected. They have also enhanced my ability to provide clients with investment attraction and exporting support so they can raise capital, reach new markets, and grow their business. Looking towards future opportunities for my business, knowledge from these courses will smooth out my importing activities as I better understand the framework that needs to be in place to conduct a transaction. 

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Did you have a favourite FITTskills course and how did it apply to your business?

My favourite course was International Trade Finance because it helped me better understand how to mitigate currency risk, make payments and ultimately complete a transaction. In my mind, a mutually beneficial transaction is the core of trade and this course really brought home how to do that.

International Trade Finance Course FITTskills EDC x FITT BannerDiscover how the FITTskills online International Trade Finance course teaches you everything you need to know about payment, risk mitigation, financing, and the flow of goods and services.

How do you see the CITP designation benefitting your business and why did you apply for it?

My business helps small businesses access capital and reach new markets. The CITP is a well-regarded international designation and CITPs are held to a standard of professionalism that I wanted applied to my practice. It helps secure my company’s reputation of professionalism. We are also seeking to grow by importing products into Canada, and CITP designation is immediately recognizable overseas, providing a certain level of trust and professionalism.

I am proud to have my CITP designation. It validates my experience and signals to clients that I will represent their best interest. It also enhances my ability to participate in the global trade market, which is very exciting.

Want to connect with Quentin?

Website: Randall Strategy

LinkedIn_Logo60pxC.fw LinkedIn: Quentin Randall

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**Note: This represents one of the current pathways to the CITP. Based on FITT’s application for ISO 17024 accreditation, this process will change as of January 1, 2023

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