U.S. businesses face growing opportunities in Cuba

Cuba and Iran are two of the most talked about topics in export compliance lately, and for good reason: both sanctions regimes are undergoing significant changes that have made headlines all over the world.


How Canada’s leading the way to compliance with anti-corruption sticks and carrots

I was debarred from being a U.S. government contractor, and based on my conduct and offense, it was an appropriate and fair decision. The process by which I was suspended and ultimately debarred was also fair and appropriate. While the debarment tactic is rarely enforced, Canada’s leading the way to compliance by offering rehabilitation.


Optimistic about US – Cuba Trade? Not so fast!

When President Obama announced in April that the U.S. State Department would finally be taking Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, it set in motion a sense of optimism that diplomatic relations and trade would soon go back to normal with the Caribbean island country. However, US – Cuba trade is off to a slow start.


Don’t let these 5 political risks sink your exports

International trade is a risk/reward business. There can be greater payment, logistical, regulatory and political risks when dealing with overseas suppliers and customers. Nevertheless, your business will reap rewards if you can develop a competitive global supply chain, penetrate profitable export markets with quality products and services, while successfully managing the increased risks.