The six mistakes CEOs make in global business and how to avoid them

This article is for you, CEO…it’s a wake-up call. It’s for CFOs and COOs too, and anyone on an executive team of a business with global growth potential. Today we’re talking about mistakes CEOs make in global business, to hopefully avoid them in yours.


Ignoring international business competition is no longer an option for SMEs

In the past, smaller firms tended to focus on local and domestic markets. Moreover, when protectionism was rampant, smaller firms tended to be insulated from international markets. Distances, unique cultural characteristics, politics, tariffs and regulations all combined to protect them from international business competition.


Intensive training for Canada’s Trade Commissioners to start soon

In less than five years, over 100 Canadian Trade Commissioners have worked their way through the FITTskills online training program. Another 65 are currently training. FITTskills focuses on best practices in international business, and helps develop practical knowledge and skills that global trade professionals can apply to their jobs immediately.


Could Iraq be the next big emerging market?

With improvements being made in terms of security, and the country’s young population with a drive to learn and develop, the possibilities for economic growth and foreign trade are looking more positive. With new financial processes and infrastructure being constructed in Iraq, do you think it could soon become the next big emerging market?