Why you need to switch to a customer centric supply chain to stay competitive

In today’s demand driven omnichannel environment, there are many instances in which customer expectations are not satisfied. In large part, this occurs because companies’ supply chains are not designed to meet the new requirements of omnichannel distribution. A supply chain needs to be able to respond to customers’ demands by becoming “customer centric”.


Is there a place for old-fashioned values in today’s tech-driven supply chain world?

“Schwinn” had a magical name in the 1960s that became synonymous with bicycles. The brand had developed a great reputation for quality and durability. Over the intervening years, the processes and technologies have changed the industry, but is there still a place for good old-fashioned values in today’s tech driven supply chain world?


Mateo Pascual, CITP|FIBP – Logistics Coordinator

Mateo has over twenty years of experience working in warehouse environments, working his way up from technician to logistics coordinator. He has developed a passion for facilitating distribution through hard work, efficient processes and outstanding customer service.


Taking care of business the Italian way

So a slower-paced working environment and a keen focus on humanity rather than the bottom dollar seems to work for small businesses in Italy. But would it benefit small businesses in other regions of the world as well?