Resiliency is alive and well in international business: Celebrating over 500 2021 FITT credential holders from all around the world 


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*This data is accurate as of September 16th, 2021 

International business is on the move despite challenging times, and for good reason. If there is one thing trade students, professionals, job seekers and employees around the world have learned from the past year, it’s that resiliency is fundamental to business success.  

One critical approach that the most resilient individuals have applied to keep their momentum strong is expanding their international business knowledge and expertise with formal training and professional recognition.

Whether as a student, SME owner, employee, or beyond, an incredible number of people chose to upgrade their international business skills and credential status this year, and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate them. To be exact, as of September 16, 2021:  

  • 155 people have achieved their FITT Certificate in International Trade this year (2021), bringing the all-time total of FITT Certificate Holders to 7,039
  • 260 people have achieved their FITT Diploma in International Trade this year (2021), bringing the all-time total of FITT Diploma Holders to 5,315
  • 90 individuals have been certified as CITPs this year (2021), bringing the all-time total of individuals who have been certified by FITT to 1,559


These impressive numbers showcase the immense value of recognized international business training in an increasingly complex business environment and growing ecosystem. We’ve seen these exceptional hard workers become credential holders for a host of reasons. Many wished to increase their global knowledge and skillsets with the latest training created by business professionals for business professionals, while others wanted to gain the only professional international trade training designation backed by the Government of Canada. Some understood the value of upskilling for their career path and job progression, knowing that many businesses and organizations specifically require the CITP designation as a job pre-requisite or asset when they hire. Others simply loved the combination of credibility, knowledge, practical experience, and application of this knowledge—all of which can come with FITT training and credential achievement.  

As we get closer to the end of 2021, we’d like to acknowledge these dedicated achievers and show their diversity in a wide spectrum of categories. Learn more about them below: 

Certificate holders: 

This year, thus far, 155 individuals have achieved the FITT Certificate in International Trade this year (2021). These talented people are a mix of full-time students, job seekers, and employees at 38 public and private sector organizations internationally. 

These people took FITTskills courses through FITTskills Online (FITT) or through the following FITT Educational Partner institutions: University of Saskatchewan’s Edwards School of Business, Canadian College, CDI College, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Sprott Shaw College, New Brunswick Community College, Nova Scotia Business Inc., Discovery Community College and Herzing College.

A whopping 37% of these certificate holders also achieved the FITT Diploma in International Trade, this year (2 educational credentials in 1 year), while 8% of them also earned their CITP designation this year.  

These impressive people held a wealth of different job titles, including Trade Officers, Traders, Business Managers, Students, Trade Commissioners, Marketing Directors, Business Owners, Trade Advisors, Analysts, Project Coordinators, Technicians, VPs, Economists, Operations Managers and more. 

The companies, businesses, and organizations that they worked for spanned the gamut, ranging from international banks and Global Affairs Canada to fishing, international embassies, and consulates, plastics, windows, Walmart, and more! 

What is a FITT Certificate? 

Diploma Holders:

This year, thus far, 260 people have achieved their FITT Diploma in International Trade. These people comprise a diverse mix of full-time students, job seekers, and employees from 44 organizations both in the private and public sector, including Export Development Canada (EDC), international embassies, regional trade boards, construction corporations, growing small businesses, and more.

Those who earned their diploma did so through FITTskills Online (FITT) or through the following FITT Educational Partner institutions: Fanshawe College, Nova Scotia Business Inc., Algonquin College, Mount Royal University, Seneca College, Sprott Shaw College, Lambton College, Canadian College, CDI College, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Herzing College, New Brunswick Community College, Discovery Community College, Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology.

23% of these 260 diploma holders went on to earn their CITP designation this year—an incredible feat that showcases the determination and ambition that our next generation of business professionals will possess.

What is a FITT Diploma? 

CITP®|FIBP® (Certified International Trade Professionals) Designation Holders: 

Thus far, this year, an incredible 90 hard-working individuals achieved their CITP designation! 

These 90 individuals comprise a mix of job seekers and employees, including Business Professors, CEOs, Trade Commissioners, Logistics Managers, International Sales Experts, Purchasing Administrators, Operations Coordinators, Executive Policy Advisors, Trade Development Officers, Supply Chain Managers, Account Managers, Business Owners and beyond, for 43 private and public organizations,

These organizations include colleges, regional trade boards, telecoms institutes, food and beverage companies, civil engineering construction companies, business development companies, Facebook, Global Affairs Canada, international embassies, FedEx, aviation maintenance, and more! 

What is the CITP designation? 


So many of these CITPs were proud to showcase their designation as well, with new CITP and International Business Consultant Ben Chutta explaining one of the core drivers for his journey to achieving the designation:  

“As I continue to build my international consulting business, the CITP designation will reinforce to my customers my education, skillset, and experience, and give them more confidence that I am someone who has what it takes to help them expand globally.”⁠—CITP and International Business Consultant Ben Chutta


Similarly, CITP Colleen Sutton, Program Manager at Core training for Trade Commissioners Workshop stated: “I think it demonstrates my commitment to the field.” 

CITP James Collard, Director of Planning, Economic & Industrial Development, Citizen Potawatomi Nation believes international trade has an even broader purpose, inspirationally stating:

“I am convinced that international trade is the most effective path to peace.”—CITP James Collard, Director of Planning, Economic & Industrial Development, Citizen Potawatomi Nation


Purpose, passion, and drive are what helped 505 FITT credential holders and counting earn incredible accolades and invaluable knowledge—and we’re more than thrilled to celebrate their hard work and success. We applaud them for championing international trade as a profession, and for understanding how essential it is to international business growth, innovation, and grand objectives in an ever-growing and adapting landscape. 

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The Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) is the standards, certification and training body dedicated to providing international business training, resources and professional certification to individuals and businesses. Created by business for business, FITT’s international business training solutions are the standard of excellence for global trade professionals around the world.

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