CITP Spotlight: Rodrigo Osorio – Procurement Manager at Asia Grupo


Rodrigo Osorio - Procurement Manager

Rodrigo Osorio - Procurement Manager

Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: March. 2020

For Rodrigo Osorio, it all began in Shanghai, China where he was working to develop his Chinese language skills in a corporate environmentAt the time, he came across a position at an international trading company doing business between the Americas and China. This presented itself as a win-win opportunity for him, as it would not only help him further hone his Chinese language skills, but also allow him to leverage his fluency in Spanish to communicate with clientsIt was this exposure that formed his interest in international trade, and since then there has been no looking back. 

The exposure the procurement position gave me to Chinese and international business when visiting export expos such as the Canton Fair, various supplier factories, and trade negotiations immediately gave me a passion for the industry. 

Opening his eyes to opportunity

Attending the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China proved to be a turning point in Rodrigo’s career in international business. The eye-opening experience drove home the fact that China was an important player in global trade and this could surely open the doors to greater business opportunities with countries and continents across the world.

Physically seeing the number of suppliers and products at the Chinese Expo illustrated the importance China has and will have in the business world, where there will surely be even more business opportunities opening between the country and the Americas. 

How knowledge of Chinese facilitated important negotiations 

According to Rodrigo, one of his proudest professional accomplishments was conducting trade negotiations with suppliers in China on behalf of buyers who could only speak Spanish. It was his efforts and commitment to learn the Chinese language that made possible his professional achievements in the form of successful discussions and business deals. 

Studying Chinese has been a huge investment of resources and time, so being able to use it as a tool in a professional environment is a super rewarding accomplishment  

A piece of career advice from Rodrigo  Learn as much from various business sectors as you can 

International business spans every industry we can think of, which means that there’s much to learn from the various sectors. As a business professional, its essential to take advantage of the wide exposure to diverse industries and try to grasp the nuances of their products, market trends, and strategiesGathering industry-specific knowledge is key to assessing potential business ideas and making plans for future ventures.  

Whenever a client or supplier approaches you with their product, take the time to understand their market and competitive advantage to identify possible business initiatives. 

It is perhaps this desire to better understand the various aspects of international business that prompted Rodrigo to formalize his professional experience into a solid foundation in global tradeTherefore his logical next step was to sign up for FITTskills courses to build upon his business skills and drive career growth.  

Completing the FITT courses allowed me obtain an understanding of valuable terms and transactions important in international business.

Not surprisingly, Rodrigo’s favorite course is International Trade Finance, as it helped fill all the gaps between finance and international business functions.  

I enjoyed International Trade Finance the most as it provided me with a deep understanding of how transactions are conducted and how risk is handled in international business.


Earning a designation that spells competence and credibility  

After completing his FITT Diploma in International Trade, Rodrigo went on to apply for the CITP®|FIBP® designation to achieve the benchmark for excellence in international business and trade that earning it bringsThe designation demonstrates proficiency in both theoretical and practical aspects of international trade, thus recognizing the credential holder as an expert in his field.  

For Rodrigo, the FIBP® designation marks the culmination of several years of dedication, discipline, and hard workIt spurs him to continue using his skills and experience to challenge his abilities and advance his career 

It’s very pleasing to see my dedication to excellence in both work and study throughout the years come to fruition.


Opening up new possibilities as an FIBP®   

The value of the FIBP® designation is that it validates his industry-backed competence as a global trade professional to his clients, partners and peers. Rodrigo believes that the credential greatly enhances his profile and will therefore open windows to new possibilities. 

Currently working as Procurement Manager at Asia Grupo, Rodrigo continues to use his skills and experience to help companies in Latin America accomplish successful business transactions in China.  

We’re confident that Rodrigo’s efforts and talents will open many doors for him and take his career trajectory ever upwards in the years ahead.  

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