A FITT Year Indeed!


‘Tis the end of the year and all faces are grinning,
All those launches and products sure kept FITT staff spinning.
Let me tell you a few of the things we have done,
Some really great projects, there’s a lot more than one!

We now offer FITTskills courses self-led and online,
If you’re a working professional this will suit you just fine.
Going Global workshops can also be taken on your computer,
Your tablet or smartphone, we’re your digital tutor!

And our training has spread to Iraq and down South,
FITTskills in Colombia, soon Chile, you heard it straight from my mouth.
From Trade Commissioners to students, larger firms, SME’s,
We’re training the full spectrum over oceans and seas!

Hopes are that you’ve read our International Trade Workforce Strategy,
A plan of how we can fill global trade HR gaps more proactively.
Need to measure your own international trade chops?
We now have a free diagnostic tool to measure your downs and your ups.

We designed a new website, we developed FITTforTrade,
You’ll find global business info, the best and in spades.
Have you visited Trade Ready? Our blog just keeps growing,
Our community is getting involved, and it’s showing.

We hope you’ve been pleased with all that is new,
Our number one goal is to keep serving you.
If you have any questions or comments we’re here,

Happy holidays to all and a happy new year!

About the author

Author: Daniella D'Alimonte

With her background in writing, marketing and business journalism, Daniella focuses on crafting quality stories and relevant content to inform and inspire the international business community.

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