Opportunities with the U.S. government are only a click away for Canadian exporters

In attempting to sell a product or service, it is always necessary to determine who needs it, and what problem it will solve for the buyer. In the domain of U.S. government procurement, there is an easy way to determine what they want to buy. A single U.S. government-wide resource exists for information on opportunities with the U.S. government and contract awards over U.S. $25,000.


3 important assumptions to avoid in emerging markets

Getting it wrong can be extremely expensive, in terms of fines, sanctions and reputation. It can also have long term consequences for opportunities, not just in that country, but in the economic region in general. It’s therefore crucial to do your proper research and navigate these 3 assumptions to avoid in emerging markets.


Kiran Sharma, CITP|FIBP – Job Cost Administrator

With over a decade of experience working with international clients and managing business finances, Kiran is committed to excellence in her work and continuing to develop her career as a Job Cost Administrator.


Laxmi Patel, CITP|FIBP — Manager of Retail Operations

Laxmidhar Patel is Manager of Retail Operations for Loblaws Companies Limited. He has been working in the retail sector for last 10 years in India, the UK, China and Canada, and says it has been a path of growth for him.