CITP Spotlight: Swaran Singh, Operations Manager, FedEx Ground


Discover how Swaran Singh, CITP, levelled-up his international business career with FITTskills training in this week's CITP Spotlight!

Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: June 2021

Swaran Singh began his career in international trade while transitioning career paths. Coming from a French-speaking province with an IT background, he was finding it difficult to find field-related jobs. That’s when one of his friends got him into a FedEx Ground hiring seminar. It wasn’t long before he was hired and realized that international trade was something he was always interested in—especially the notion that international trade professionals connect people all around the world together. “During this time, I developed an interest in the import-export process and how to go global with your business,” he adds.

Adversity as one of the greatest career lessons

Before transitioning into international business, Swaran experienced many difficulties landing work. But, as it turns out, these adversities proved to be one of his greatest career lessons and achievements. He notes: “Just like Jack Ma, I got so many refusals for the jobs that everybody was getting hired for. I had so many job refusals that I forgot the count. But what’s important is that I never let myself get distracted by these refusals. I keep my focus and worked on perfecting my skill set.”

Now, as an operations manager at FedEx, he has certainly used the difficult moments in his career to his advantage. Though he is proud of his role, he knows the road ahead will be challenging, so he is looking forward to the many great moments to come. 

Constant improvement as a daily goal

Swaran uses a piece of advice from a former manager to guide him daily: “ I’ll never forget one thing my manager said to me. He said: ‘Don’t go for the next thing until you are perfect in the first one.’ So I always focus on getting better every day.”

A fruitful FITTskills experience

As a perpetual learner, it’s no surprise that Swaran decided to enroll in FITTskills training at Collège LaSalle to improve his international business acumen. He had been searching for import-export training and came across the CITP®|FIBP® (Certified International Trade Professional) designation. Understanding the potential with the training, he became convinced after seeing that it was endorsed by EDC (Export Development Canada) too. 

For him, the experience gave him important business training and skills but also introduced him to other people and cultures. “The experience was great. I met a lot of students in the class from around the world. It was a wonderful opportunity to know other countries and their specialties, their culture,” he notes.

During his studies, he also got to dig deep into an area of interest: the flow of goods:

“I think the most important part in any business is the flow of goods. You need to have a better understanding of how the international financial sector works to ensure your business stays afloat. For that reason, my favorite course was International Trade Finance.”

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Swaran became CITP certified in June of 2021 and feels “great” about the achievement.

“I am currently working on my dream project and I hope with the help of this knowledge and designation I will be able to achieve my target.”

We have no doubt that with his determination, ambition, and capacity for endless learning Swaran’s target will become a reality soon.

Want to learn more about the CITP designation? Discover why it is the world’s most recognized professional designation for international business.

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Learn more about the CITP®|FIBP® designation


Advance your career and build your professional credibility in the field of global business by earning the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation.

Why Earn the Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) Designation?

The Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation is the world’s leading professional designation for the field of international business. So whether you’re new to global trade or have over a decade of direct experience, you’ll find the CITP designation can help advance your career and build your professional credibility.

The CITP designation sets you apart in the competitive international business industry because it’s proof you possess the competencies global business experts have identified as being essential for a successful career in international trade. It also recognizes your dedication to ethical business practices and ongoing professional development—both of which are desirable traits for today’s global business practitioners.

*Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) is trademarked for use within Canada. FITT International Business Professional (FIBP) is trademarked for use internationally. Both reflect the same FITT-certified designation. 

**Note: This represents one of the current pathways to the CITP. Based on FITT’s application for ISO 17024 accreditation, this process will change as of January 1, 2023

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