CITP Spotlight: Clark Grue – CEO at Rainmaker Global


Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: Dec 2020

Clark Grue has been actively involved in international trade for over two decades. It all began in the mid- 1990s when he started a sales office for Network Innovations. Their task was to provide satellite communications solutions to Canadian mining companies active in Africa. Back in the 90s, transferring data across continents wasn’t as routine as it is today.


Helping these companies move data from Africa to Canada on a daily basis back in the mid-1990s was a challenge and I learned so much about the logistical details of sending equipment and selling services for a remote location.”


An eye-catching list of favourite career stories from his long and successful career journey

A few of Clark’s most memorable professional anecdotes include the following:

  • Visiting Syria for a business deal before the current unrest
  • Securing a deal in Nigeria for a local oil company there
  • Playing the “Deputy Mayor” role on a trade mission to China
  • Taking the Calgary Stampede down Wall Street and ringing the NYSE opening bell
  • Hosting Princess Astrid of Belgium in Calgary in 2015

Being featured in the “Top 40 under 40” and other professional accomplishments

Clark has worked on several interesting projects that he counts among his noteworthy achievements:

  • Opening the first British Trade Office directed by a locally engaged staff
  • Named among the Top 40 under 40 in Calgary
  • Convincing many companies to set up their businesses in Canada, including Engie Fabricom, XGMA and Global Partners
  • Representing Canada in B20 summits in Germany, Turkey and Quebec
  • Hosting Canada Day in London for five years and in New York City for one
  • Winning the bid in St. Petersburg to host the World Petroleum Congress for 2023

Many avenues to finding success in international trade

A piece of advice that Clark would like to share with newcomers to this profession is that there is not just one but several ways to be successful in international business.

The national government, private sector, consulting, NGOs and local governments all have a need for international trade and diplomacy experts.”


Getting certified through the Executive Path

As part of a logical professional progression, Clark decided to upgrade his credentials by applying for the exclusive CITP®|FIBP® designation—one of the most recognized and respected certifications in the world for international business professionals. With more than ten years of experience in international trade, Clark qualified for the designation through the Executive Path and was conferred with the prestigious credential in December 2020.

As a proud CITP, Clark feels honoured to be a part of this elite group of trade practitioners.

Having come in through the Executive Path, it is humbling to know that FITT sees my experience as qualified to hold the accreditation.”


This special milestone means a lot to Clark as he believes it stands as a globally recognized validation of his competence.

It will tell the world that I am qualified to advise and consult in this space, providing confidence to our clients and proving that the leadership at our firm is highly qualified. It will also inform my team of 40+ trade experts that it is an important designation for them and all the Rainmakers in our organization.”


Today, as CEO at Rainmaker Global Business Development, Clark is at the helm of his team of trade experts who provide strategic planning, implementation and jurisdiction for expanding companies.

With his exceptional credentials and vast knowledge of international trade, we have no doubt that Clark’s career graph will continue to soar, bringing out the best in his team and setting them firmly on the path of success.

Want to connect with Clark?

LinkedIn: Clark Grue

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