CITP Spotlight: Yuzuru Mizohata – Vice President, Mars Global Expansion Consulting


Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: April, 2020

Although Yuzuru Mizohata had been interested in international trade since his early days, it was only while working for a Japanese used goods company that he became aware of the high demand for technologically advanced Japanese productsConversely, it also brought home the fact that many products sold in other countries were no longer used in Japan.    

Overall, the experience offered him insights into the Japanese market, giving him valuable pointers about the type of products that would be viable for overseas suppliers to export to Japan.  

He began his international business career in 2018, after graduating from Sprott Shaw College, where he completed the International Trade Program.

He worked for a food importing company, where he handled logistics, procurement, and negotiations with suppliers. He made sure to provide contractors with all the relevant information as early as possible, even if it meant working across different time zones.

His responsibilities involved negotiating with suppliers regarding prices and delivery dates, managing sales contracts, shipping instructions, shipping schedules, and shipping documents for importing various foods from around the world.

It was there that his forte of nurturing strong business relationships came to the fore when he translated the latest information on agricultural products from around the world to his Japanese clients.

“I built wonderful relationships with every person in charge by supplying them with the necessary information in a timely manner,” Yuzuru said.

His efforts led to a significant increase in sales and established his reputation for bridging gaps between foreign suppliers and Japanese clients/consumers.

After working for the company for several years, he established his own company with a friend, which is an international trading and overseas expansion consulting company.

Establishing a new importing company in 2020 

As with any new ventureYuzuru adjusted to the complexities and challenges that such a project entails, doing his best to stay on top of all the questions his overseas suppliers were likely to ask.

These usually centred around his proposed Japan marketing strategy and the anticipated sales. He also worked to provide the contractors with every bit of relevant information as early as possible, even though it often meant working across different time zones. 

“I learned a lot of things while taking on new challenges to continue earning a profit,” he said.

After selling his company, he moved to Germany to work for one of the largest logistics companies in Japan.

Taking on a new challenge as VP of an overseas expansion consultant company

As the world becomes more interconnected, businesses of all sizes are looking to expand their operations overseas. However, this is often easier said than done, with a host of challenges to navigate, from cultural differences and language barriers to legal and regulatory requirements.

That’s where Yuzuru steps in as an experienced overseas expansion consultant specializing in helping businesses successfully expand into new markets around the world as Vice President of Mars Global Expansion Consulting.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of global business practices, he and his team provide clients with a range of services designed to help them achieve their international expansion goals.

“There are many differences that need to be overcome when expanding overseas. Every business is different, with unique needs and goals. That’s why I take a personalized approach to overseas expansion consulting, working closely with each client to understand their specific challenges and develop customized solutions to meet their needs,” says Yuzuru.

Expanding into a new market requires a deep understanding of local business practices, consumer preferences, and cultural norms. To help his clients with this, he conducts extensive research and analysis to provide clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their overseas expansion strategy.

“Building strong relationships with local partners is key to success in overseas markets,” says Yuzuru.

He and his team help clients identify and develop relationships with trusted partners in their target markets, ensuring a smooth and successful entry into new markets. He is confident in providing clients with the guidance and support they need to successfully expand into new markets around the world.

Yuzuru’s greatest strength – building productive relationships 

An accomplishment Yuzuru is particularly proud of comes from his time working for a food importing company. His tasks consisted of negotiating with suppliers regarding the price and delivery date, managing sales contracts, shipping instructions, shipping schedules, and shipping documents related to importing the various foods from all over the world. It was there that his forte of nurturing strong business relationships came to the fore when he went on to translate the latest information regarding agricultural products from all over the world to his Japanese clients.  

I built a wonderful relationship with every person in charge as I supplied the necessary information in a timely manner for them.” 

Yuzuru’s efforts led to a significant increase in sales and established his reputation for being able to bridge every gap between foreign suppliers and Japanese clients/consumers.  

Communication skills and respect for foreign cultures is key to succeeding at international trade 

Yuzuru believes that it is important to maintain frequent dialogue and discussions with foreign clients in order to keep communication channels open. The other essential ingredients for building successful international business partnerships are an understanding of and respect for foreign customs and culture, without which no trade endeavour can be possible.  

Upskilling to receive a well-rounded training in international trade 

Yuzuru soon realized that he needed a deeper understanding of the trading industry as he often found himself struggling with different aspects.   

He enrolled at Sprott Shaw College to receive in-class FITTskills training, with the aim of gaining holistic knowledge and getting current with the latest trends in global business. The trade training not only helped him gain business know-how but also brought him in contact with students from diverse cultures. This gave him an opportunity to learn about their experiences, lifestyles and preferences – valuable insights for any aspiring trade practitioner. 

What Yuzuru enjoyed most about the FITTskills courses was that they covered all aspects of international trade – from assessing the feasibility to market research, and from logistics to product development and marketing.  

My  favorite FITTskills course wasProducts and Services for a Global Market” because I could gain practical knowledge I could put to use right away. When it comes to importing products, we sometimes need to adapt or customize products as well as comply with regulations and law. Before importing products, we need to analyze how these differences may impact cost, product testing, sales and marketing, and so on. This course is especially necessary for all importing companies.

Adding an industry-backed designation to take him closer to his professional goals 

Yuzuru said he had two main reasons that prompted him to apply for the CITP designation. The first reason was to prove his competence to potential overseas clients who want to expand their businesses worldwide and gain their confidence. Since he is responsible for the American and Europe regions, he is excited to showcase his abilities and fulfill his responsibilities.

The second reason was to set an example for his employees and motivate them to enhance their business knowledge by receiving training in international business. He believes this will enable his team to work together in a more organized and systematic manner.

Yuzuru earned his CITP designation in April 2020 and feels honored to join this distinguished community of global business professionals. It is an important step that allows him to effectively carry out his tasks. He is keenly aware of the ethical responsibility and commitment to international business that are intrinsic to the designation, and he firmly believes that it will contribute to his success.

I am sure that the CITP designation will lead my company to succeed globally.

As Vice President of Mars Global Expansion Consulting, Yuzuru’s talent, energy and love for his profession will not only spur him on to achieve his goals, but is sure to also raise the bar for his team – inspiring them to reach their full potential.  

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