Is 3D Printing revolutionizing the supply chain industry?


3d printing and supply chains

3d printing and supply chains

3D Printing is a manufacturing process used to create a three-dimensional object by producing successive layers of material under computer control from a digital 3D model.

This still-developing technology has endless applications that are still being explored in sectors such as the auto industry, health care, manufacturing, construction, robotics, education, and modern art. Many have argued that 3D Printing technology and the greater category of replicator technology is ushering in a fourth industrial revolution.

We asked our panel of supply chain experts how this new technology is already revolutionizing the way products are manufactured, moved and sourced, and what they see for the future of this fascinating industry.

Moderator: Audrey Ross (@tresAudrey), Logistics & Customs Specialist at Orchard International Inc., based out of Toronto, ON.


Dr. Steve Brady (@SCMProfessor), CEO and Founder of Supply Chain Innovations Today, based out of Williamsport, PA.

Sarah Barnes, CITP|FIBP (@ICECORPlog), Director of Marketing & Strategic Sales at ICECORP Logistics, based out of Ottawa, ON.

Denise Montrose (@SmallWorldLLC), Managing Director for logistics and supply chain recruiting firm Small World Recruiting, based in Cleveland, OH.

Who is using 3D technology and printing right now?

What industries would you want to see use 3D Printing who are not currently doing so?

We all think 3D technology is the best thing since sliced bread, but is there any downside to it?

How is 3D Printing technology affecting operations? What processes and products are we going to shed?

Will this technology lead us to lose our appreciation for handcrafted goods in favour of speed and convenience?

With all this innovation and customization going on, how will intellectual property rights exist?

Be honest, is the profitability of 3D Printing going to change your career path or business strategy?

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