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adrian skowron

adrian skowron

Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: Sept. 2016

Even at a very young age, Adrian Skowron was deeply interested in global news and international trade. With encouragement from his parents, who are entrepreneurs, he placed great value on staying updated on current events and global affairs. From there, international trade became a natural career path for him to pursue.

My parents’ influence and support are the main reason I got started in international trade. From a young age, they always made sure to keep me informed about world events and opened my eyes to the possibilities of global trade.

“One way they did that was allowing me to help at a with an import/export business they were running. That gave me a tremendous interest in trade, and I wanted to learn more about the industry.”

As he continued to work towards a career in trade, Adrian decided to take FITT-accredited courses through Seneca College’s International Business Program followed by Business Administration at York University.

This decision not only helped him further his business education, but also served as a special source of pride for his family.

“I would list graduating from college and university among my most important accomplishments, as my parents never had a chance to do so.”

He enjoyed taking FITT-accredited courses and has found what he’s learned helpful in his career.

The courses provided very good information to build the necessary skills for the international business industry. They also helped me add a broader skill set to the one I already possessed.

Adrian found that learning how to do effective international trade research was a crucial lesson from his FITT education.

“My favourite course was International Trade Research. I particularly liked this course because it showed you where and how to find information about different countries. It helped me understand that there is a tremendous amount of material out there to be used. The course also demonstrated the different aspects that could affect products and services. In one country a product might be fantastic, but in another it could be a major failure, depending on how well you did your research about the country and the need for your product there.”

“You should try to keep all relevant information you get through your education and career in a private library somewhere. You never know when you might need something. I have had examples where I had information from many years before that ended up being very useful in my career.”

Making a name for himself by helping others

After completing his education at Seneca and York, Adrian started working as an Account Manager with TransCore Link Logistics in Mississauga. He worked closely with clients to find the best product or service options for them, providing quotes and terms to help close sales.

Getting to deal directly with customers was rewarding for Adrian, and he was grateful to be able to help so many professionals engaged in trade to find exactly what they need.

“For me, the best part is being able to find solutions for business owners who need help importing or exporting. When you can find a successful, efficient and effective solution for a customer who in turn shows tremendous gratitude and happiness, that is my favourite part.”

After a year and a half with TransCore, he moved into his current role as an International Trade Advisor for Livingston International, the largest customs broker in Canada the United States.

He continues to work one-on-one with customers, helping them find compliant and efficient ways to import goods, as well as the customs brokerage service they need to do so. Able to handle a multitude of freight shipment issues, there are still few aspects of his job he enjoys helping his clients succeed in international business.

“There are so many stories and examples, but they all revolve around the same outcome. I feel great pride when I help companies move products in and out of Canada successfully.”

Standing out as a Certified International Trade Professional

To continue to grow in his career, Adrian successfully applied for the elite Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation. Now that he has earned the designation, he is proud to add it to his list of accomplishments and credentials.

“I was very happy to have finally received my designation. It was hard work to get to this point and I am happy to have achieved so much. It gives me more credibility when speaking to other industry professionals who operate in a global environment.”

“I believe that in my future career, this designation will help me stand out as an individual who has the knowledge needed to excel in international trade.”

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