Canada’s global trade workforce problem at a glance – Infographic


HR Sector Study

FITT’s recently released  International Trade Workforce Strategy report, showed how Canada is falling behind in it’s global trade readiness. Since its release the report has been widely discussed in the media, notably in the Financial Post, where it was a hot button topic among readers.

Mercer has been a close collaborator in the creation of this report. Based on findings from the report the team at Mercer put together a descriptive infographic, which we are sharing with you below.

Infographic by Mercer Insights

As an extension of this study, we also worked with Mercer to create a free tool that can help you assess the global trade readiness of individuals and businesses. Click here to access this free assessment tool.

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Author: Jacob Varghese

Jacob is the VP of Marketing and Technology at the Forum for International Trade Training. Focused on improving the customer experience. A Content chef; words, images, some code and a healthy serving of web analytics.

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