The basics of global trade transactions for your imports and exports

A company that has decided to export its products to a new market or to buy from a new supplier in a different country cannot take for granted that the potential transaction(s) will be viable, profitable or provide goods at a price and quality that are competitive. From a financial point of view, a transaction may prove unrealistic if the cost of entering a market is too high, the competition is gruelling, or the price the company needs to charge in the new market is not competitive.


Five steps to managing your foreign exchange risk

It’s an unfortunate fact that not many Canadian exporters are really good at managing their foreign exchange (FX) risk. This seems surprising, since every exporting company knows that changes in the FX rate of the Canadian dollar can pose risks to its profit margins and cash flow.


Get paid when you go global! Upcoming #TradeElite chat and networking session

It doesn’t matter how much interest or how many orders your business is getting from buyers abroad if you can’t figure out how to get paid when you go global! Our next #TradeElite Twitter chat will help you navigate all things money. We’ll talk about methods of payment, which method to use and why, and how to implement different types of payment.


Seven ways to get more working capital to grow your exports

As an exporter, you know that success in foreign markets depends very much on having a healthy supply of working capital. And like most companies doing business internationally, you turn to your bank when you need financing to grow your exports.