What you need to know to ensure a smooth international export delivery

Under most common terms of sale, the exporter will have to make some sort of provisions for the receipt of goods at the target destination. While there are many details to balance, having the appropriate agents and warehouses in place goes a long way towards securing a successful international export delivery.


13 ways Canadian SME’s can improve on their dismal export rates

For all the talk about Canada being a trading nation, we aren’t when it comes to small and medium sized enterprises. While SME’s account for roughly 95 percent of all companies in Canada, and create 65 percent of all jobs, Canadian SME export rates are at less than 2 percent.


Considering all the costs of international trade

The biggest mistake you can make in international trade is jumping in head first without having done your homework. And while engaging in global business can be rewarding and lucrative, having a lack of understanding of all the factors and costs involved can lead to problems that are both stressful and expensive.