The top 3 myths about going global

It’s important to separate facts from myth; for global business in general, and international markets expansion in particular. Here are the top three myths about going global that people seem to believe.


Here’s Why You Need to Recharge Your Go Global Strategy

Maybe the all too familiar refrain of last year’s uncertainty has dampened our competitive spirit as Canada realigns its economic identity.
However, there are strong reasons to remain genuinely optimistic about the major prospects of Canadian SMEs on the global stage in 2015.


Get paid when you go global! Upcoming #TradeElite chat and networking session

It doesn’t matter how much interest or how many orders your business is getting from buyers abroad if you can’t figure out how to get paid when you go global! Our next #TradeElite Twitter chat will help you navigate all things money. We’ll talk about methods of payment, which method to use and why, and how to implement different types of payment.