Could sunk costs leave your business shipwrecked in a foreign market?

In many cases, a substantial investment will need to be made to break into a new country. If none of these sunk costs can be recovered in the event that the venture fails or the company must pull out of the country, then many companies will be unable to take a chance on entry.


8 takeaways from Davos 2016 for import export professionals

Whether you’ve been following news on the conference closely or are just learning about it now, these 8 takeaways from Davos 2016 should help you get up to speed on all the relevant talk for international trade professionals, and give you something to think about.


The top 3 myths about going global

It’s important to separate facts from myth; for global business in general, and international markets expansion in particular. Here are the top three myths about going global that people seem to believe.