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FITTskills InstructorCompany: Forum for International Trade Training

Position: FITTskills Instructor

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia


FITT is seeking a FITTskills instructor that holds their CITP®|FIBP® designation, to provide training for two FITTskills courses to be delivered to employees of the Indonesia Export Training Centre (IETC).

Training Location and Dates

The training will take place over two consecutive weeks in Jakarta, Indonesia during the month of November 2015 (exact dates to be determined).

Project Background and Trainees

As part of a broader project under the authority of The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC), FITT has been asked to provide FITTskills training to employees of IETC, a unit of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Directorate General of National Export Development (DGNED).

Specifically, the trainees are SME business coaches of IETC who are:

  • Preparing to become CITP®|FIBP®s by satisfying the educational requirements, achieving the FITT Diploma
  • Preparing to become FITTskills instructors
  • Indonesian government employees who provide business coaching to Indonesian SMEs

FITTskills Courses to be Delivered

The exact courses have not been finalized though it is expected that two of the following 4 courses will be delivered: Global Business Environment, International Trade Finance, Global Supply Chain Management, or International Trade Research.

Instructor Activities

  • Provide training to ten (10) IETC coaches on 2 FITTskills courses in November 2015 (2 consecutive weeks, 1 course per week)
  • Meet, via Skype, with each trainee independently for a 1 hour preparation session at least 35 days prior to the course start date
  • Based on meeting with each trainee (as noted above) provide input to FITT of which two courses would best suit the needs of the IETC trainees
  • Provide insight to FITT on the IETC’s ability to become a provider of FITTskills in Indonesia

Instructor Qualifications, Experience, and Knowledge

  • Must be a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®)
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of at least two of the FITTskills courses
  • Must have taught a minimum of four FITTskills courses over the past two years, covering a minimum of two different FITTskills disciplines
  • Are knowledgeable in current international trade industry practices
  • Strong communication skills in English
  • Must be able to present the FITTskills material, answer learner questions, stimulate discussion, provide feedback, and supplement learning materials with personal experiences and examples
  • Be innovative in their approach to the teaching environment and enthusiastic towards motivating and leading learners through the materials
  • Be prepared to commit to the FITTskills initiative with the CBofC and IETC; and, work to develop a professional, high-quality, practical course
  • Train-the-trainer experience is an asset
  • Experience working in Indonesia is an asset

Potential Instructors

If you are interested in working with FITT on this project please forward the following information:

1. Cover Letter that:

  • Summarizes your relevant experience, including which FITTskills courses are your strengths
  • Identifies what 2 consecutive weeks in November 2015 you would be available to provide the training in Jakarta, Indonesia

2. Resume (maximum 5 pages)

FITT Contact

Please forward the above, and any questions you may have, to Ms. Connie Brigham at by August 23, 2015; you will receive confirmation of receipt of your interest within 1 business day.

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