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Company: Coherent Inc.

Position: Business Analyst Intern

Location: Santa Clara, CA


As a business analyst, reporting to the Director of Global Order Management, you will be responsible for the development of a detailed business continuity plans for the global Order Fulfillment Team.

Additionally you will complete a secondary project developing an index schema to enable search and inquiries of the Global Order Management policies and procedures.

Key Responsibilities:

• Develop a detailed business continuity plan for the global order fulfillment team.

The plan will encompass 4 functional areas: Order Management, Global Logistics, Global Transportation and Import/Export compliance.

It will span a global operations footprint including the US, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Korea and China

• Interacts with cross functional and regional managers to understand and identify key components, roles and dependencies between the Order Management, GLS, Global Transportation Logistics and Import / Export Compliance as they relate to business continuity.

• Utilizing Spectrum, Word and Excel you will develop and document a business continuity plan for each team and publish the plans to the Corporate site

• Review existing Order Administration Procedures and create an indexing schema by business process and topic.

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