CITP Spotlight: Mamdouh Elkharadly – Account Manager, Commercial Banking


Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: Nov 2020

Mamdouh Elkharadly’s journey into international trade began in 2003 when he started working for a multinational shipping company called Pacific International Lines. That’s when he was introduced to many of the abbreviations and terminology related to Incoterms®. It wasn’t long before he was deeply involved in the import-export processes of the business and found himself taking a keen interest in all matters pertaining to international trade. 

I got so excited about being part of every single importing/exporting transaction taking place, and this is where I started getting more interested in the various aspects of international trade.


Providing custom financing solutions for mega infrastructure projects 

After working at the shipping company for five years, Mamdouobtained the required certification to make the transition into finance managementHe went into corporate banking as a relationship manager, where he was actively involved in many of the operational transactions, including importing raw materials and opening Letters of Credit. Mamdouh’s favourite career story was when he successfully created a tailor-made financial solution for one of the most sophisticated mega infrastructure projects in the Middle East 

I was also helping my client manage their cash flow. I enjoyed being part of this cross-border project as it helped me widen my vision. I learned a lot from this complicated transaction.


This was only the first of many successes for Mamdouh, as he continued to offer expert financing options for other high-profile ventures in the region. Some of the projects that he and his team helped secure finances for included the construction of a couple of the most prominent airports in the Middle East. 

Earning the CEO Star award: his proudest professional accomplishment 

By creating and managing multiple financial solutions for clients, Mamdouh helped enhance the company’s profitability by 20%, thus making him the most deserving candidate to win the CEO Star award from his previous employer. He’s also earned the Top Performer award on two other occasions.

The importance of positivity and patience 

piece of advice he wishes to share with those at the outset of their career in international trade is to always maintain a positive attitude and have patience with the results. 

“Being part of the international trade chain requires a lot of patience due to several factors, such as time differences, bureaucracy in some countries and multiple cultures. I have implemented these attributes [positivity and patience] since day one, and they’ve really helped.”


Inching closer to his goal by adding a new credential to his professional repertoire 

As one of his short-term goals, Mamdouh aspires to join Export Development Canada (EDC) and contribute to the efforts of the Canadian government to help the Canadian economy grow. The export credit agency offers trade financeexport credit insurance and trade-related advice to businesses to support and develop trade between Canada and other countries. He believes his experience gained from working on several strategic projects in diverse markets would most certainly be an asset for Canadian businesses looking to expand to foreign shores.  

To further boost his candidacy, Mamdouh applied for the CITP®|FIBP® designation, which is a benchmark of competency and credibility for global business professionals. He earned the credential in November of 2020 and is thrilled to be a part of the elite group of CITPs 

I will always do my best to be an ambassador for such a designation. I want to protect Canada’s benefits and keep its positive noticeable presence in international trade transactions.”


Focusing on the future 

Mamdouh believes that the industry-backed designation will add value to his skills and help further his career goalsAs international business and trade will continue to shape Canada’s economy, the global validation that the designation brings will ensure that he can contribute his efforts with confidence.  

By being a CITP, I will focus on creating business development opportunities by promoting international trade benefits and solutions, thereby contributing to the growth of exporting trade for my country, Canada.


It is his vision to facilitate the growth of Canadian businesses by anticipating their needs and paving the way for them to succeed in global markets, while always upholding Canada’s positive brand value.  

As Mamdouh continues to work steadily towards achieving his professional goals, we will be watching with proud delight as he turns his vision into a thriving reality.  

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