CITP Spotlight: Ken MacDonald – President & CEO, CLARITY Sales Enablement


Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: March 2020

When Ken MacDonald was approached by former colleagues looking for someone to lead their global commercial team, he jumped at the opportunity and challenge. He’d always had an avid interest in international trade, and choosing to lead their team marked a significant start to his incredible career story. Eventually, this path would lead him to become the President and CEO of CLARITY Sales Enablement—a company that guides businesses to achieve maximum potential.

Acting quickly to solve a complicated partner issue

Among his favourite career stories, Ken remembers sitting in the CFO’s office at Acadian Seaplants Ltd. in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada. It was mid-morning and they were discussing a complicated partner issue: Their partner had legal ownership of some inventory stranded in Port dos Santos, Brazil, but this inventory could not be cleared by customs due to the partner’s financial issues.

The only way to sort out the matter was to deal with it in person. Acting upon an impulse, they made an on-the-spot decision to fly to Brazil that very afternoon to find a solution.

“After a weeklong negotiation with lawyers, accountants, regulatory and customs officials, we were able to transfer ownership back to Acadian and avoid a significant financial hit”

This incident taught Ken a valuable lesson:

“Issues and opportunities can arise very quickly with international business and the ability to act quickly is paramount.”

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Sharing a common goal with talented people across the globe

With many stories that span the globe, it’s no surprise that Ken’s proudest accomplishment has been his ability to work with incredible people from around the world. He’s found the entire experience extremely enriching, as it has given him the opportunity to interact with many capable and knowledgeable individuals from diverse cultures. Working together, they’ve achieved great success.

“It has been an honour to be associated with so many amazing and talented people who come from different cultures but shared a common goal.”

Find mentors to guide you through complicated situations

Ken’s advice to individuals in international trade is to look for mentors who have successfully developed and established businesses in international markets.

“I believe that there is no better sounding board to help guide you through very complicated situations.”

Adding a prestigious credential to his already impressive repertoire of knowledge and experience

Ken earned his CITP®|FIBP® designation in March 2020 and is confident that this unique credential will bring advantages to his career.

He notes that it has been “very gratifying” to earn this official stamp of excellence, as it is industry-backed and validates his competencies in international business.

“The CITP designation is widely recognized and lends significant credibility to my dialogue as it relates to international business development.”

Ken is already thinking ahead about how he is going to leverage his special designation.

“I plan to promote it as a competitive advantage and to help mentor young entrepreneurs to achieve the designation.”

Today, as President and CEO at Clarity Sales Enablement, Ken partners with businesses to help them scale-up and enter new markets. There is no doubt that he’ll continue to expand his breadth of knowledge in international business, adding to his catalogue of worldly stories and sage advice.

As Ken prepares to guide and inspire young talent towards a fulfilling career in international business, we wish him continued success and can’t wait to see what’s next.

Want to connect with Ken?

LinkedIn: Ken MacDonald

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