CITP Spotlight: Aagaaz Tandon – MBM Dispatching LLC.


Earned his elite CITP®|FIBP® designation: Oct 2020

Aagaaz Tandon credits his father, who’s worked for 32 years in a reputed government credit insurance organization, for motivating him to study international markets. Growing up, he had always been curious about the details of conducting business domestically as well as internationally. He was particularly interested in the transportation of goods by sea, and this fascination spurred him to pursue higher studies abroad to get a practical understanding of the various facets of international business. 

An interest that transformed into a career

It was while working in an admin role at a typical 9 – 5 office job that Aagaaz realized he needed to achieve more than what he was doing. He decided to take his interest in international business to the next level by opting for trade education from FITT. After completing his first course, Feasibility in International Trade, he made up his mind to complete all six courses required to become eligible to apply for the CITP®|FIBP® designation.

He also began gathering professional experience to fulfill the work experience component necessary to earn the CITP. It was a busy and hectic phase for him as he juggled his job as Food and Service Supervisor at a restaurant and another at Fortune Mall Private Ltd. while simultaneously studying to complete the six FITTskills courses. 

Quitting his full-time job to follow a dream 

Aagaaz has started afresh by following his dream after quitting his full time job as Data analyst at TCS.  

His entrepreneurial venture, MBM Dispatching LLC (Minute By Minute Dispatching) is a Management and Consulting firm that helps trucking companies to find well-paying loads without having to stress about driving empty miles. MBM Dispatching LLC is situated in Canada and the USA and caters to both markets.  

“Our quality over quantity concept keeps us under a circle of limited applications and enables us to provide the most satisfying service.” 

The real story of how it was formed:  

After having achieved a strong educational foundation, Aagaaz decided to turn his attention to the logistics industry, where he believed that there was a need for proper management and clear communication. Sensing an opportunity that aligned with his skills, he went on to quit his full-time job and started his own company MBM Dispatching LLC (Minute By Minute Dispatching). 

Today, Aagaaz has made a promise to himself to make his company the leading management and consulting firm and the fastest growing in the market.  

“Lessons learned from the FITTskills training courses and the validation from the CITP designation helped me immensely in my endeavor to excel in the logistics industry.” 

 Aagaaz’ dream doesn’t stop there; he envisions expanding MBM Dispatching LLC into a transportation company one day. 

Continuing his success streak, in the same year, he started a joint venture with his brother:—an enterprise providing all IT-related services, including inventory software, graphic design, SEO, social media marketing, and more.

Time is precious—use it wisely

The one valuable piece of advice Aagaaz would like to pass on to those starting their professional journeys is to use time wisely. He believes the best way to maximize time is by continuing the learning process. Knowledge is a great asset because it keeps appreciating through the years and therefore what better way to utilize time than by investing it in self-development?

I wish I had known about the FITTskills courses before, so I could have started practising the fundamentals earlier.”


Trade training with practical insights and real-world examples

Aagaaz enrolled in FITTskills courses to gain a holistic understanding of international trade and to understand the finer points too. He describes his learning experience as “phenomenal,” stating that he found every course to be unique. He particularly enjoyed learning about the importance of adaptation and product development, as it demonstrated how cultural, geographic, linguistic and regulatory factors determine how a product will be received in a particular market. 

If I had to choose one favourite [FITTskills course], I would say International Trade Finance because it facilitated my understanding and illustrated how organizations expand from domestic trade to international trade.

“The International Trade Finance course helped me understand how to develop a smart financial plan for short-term and long-term growth, so I could strategically manage the assets and to learn how to make use of cash flow projections.”

The timing was well-synched for Aagaaz; he coincided earning his FITT Diploma in International Trade with the completion of his one-year’s work experience criteria to apply for the CITP®|FIBP® designation.

Aagaaz soon completed all six FITTskills courses and applied for the CITP designation, which he earned in October 2020. He understood the value of the CITP designation early on, and this spurred his tenacity and drive to earn it:

I chose to apply for the CITP designation because it is a very reputed certification that is recognized worldwide.”

Today, as a proud CITP, Aagaaz feels honoured to have earned the elite designation. He feels it has made him more confident and secure about future opportunities. More than being just a designation, he believes that the CITP®|FIBP®  has added a new viewpoint to his vision for the future.

I foresee my CITP designation as a huge turning point in my life, as it has given me not only a designation but a new perspective to see my tomorrow for which I am working hard on today.”

He looks back at the past years with pride and a sense of fulfilment. The journey from leaving his country to completing the Business Marketing course at Centennial College in Canada, and then earning the CITP designation hasn’t been an easy one. His resilience and belief that whatever happens is for the best have been his strengths, spurring him to keep going when things get tough.  

There’s no doubt that determination, hard work and perseverance have been the hallmarks of Aagaaz’s professional journey, so far. Equipped with his credentials, knowledge and never-give-up attitude, he looks all set to scale the peaks of success. 

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