Accessing opportunities in a new global business landscape: Experts weigh in on Twitter


ladder reaching into the sky, hand on bottom rung

ladder reaching into the sky, hand on bottom rung

As many businesses begin their recovery efforts, a cascade of questions are top of mind. This is new territory for everyone. Where are the opportunities for growth and expansion? How do you approach business development? What should my recovery to growth plan look like?

To answer these questions we turned to a team of diverse experts in last week’s #TradeElite Twitter chat. Their insights were informative, practical and inspiring. Read through their responses below.

Topics covered:


Rad Dockery @Rad_Dockery Chief Innovation Officer, Unifai Solutions

Amy Karam @AmyKaram Founder, Global Competitive Strategy Consultant, Karam Consulting, and China Trade Expert

Craig Atkinson, CITP @CraigAAtkinson Trade, Technology and Sustainable Development Specialist, Founder of Lexmerca International Trade

Paula Greene, CITP @PaulaIntlMkt President & CEO at BEYOND Ventures Group Inc., Export Entrepreneur and Business Developer

Bernadette Fernandes @On_the_Varanda Global Connector – International Trade & Development, Founder & CEO of the Varanda Network

What is the “new global business landscape” we are looking at today? What has changed in terms of policy, market access, and disruption?

Very broadly, for businesses that may be in recovery mode, where are the opportunities for growth today?

We are hearing a lot about technology applications. What are some of the most relevant digital tools that can give global businesses a competitive edge?

What should be included in every global business’ recovery -> growth action plan?

What advice do you have for global businesses looking at restarting their business development efforts?

What are some big lessons from this crisis that businesses can act on now to protect themselves in the future?

Crystal ball time! Where do you see more growth opportunities in the near future?

Read the rest of the chat and join future discussions by following the #TradeElite hashtag. And stay tuned for the next #TradeElite chat, coming up Thursday, July 23 at 2:00-3:00PM ET, and if you haven’t yet, join us on Twitter at @FITTNews.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the contributing participants, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Forum for International Trade Training.

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